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n. (context Hinduism English) Name of a Puranic child sage who become the pole star.


Dhruva (ध्रुव) is a devotee of the Supreme God Vishnu according to Hinduism. Dhruva was the son of Uttānapāda. His tale is recorded in the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata Purana.

Dhruva (2002 film)

Dhruva is a 2002 Kannada action film directed and co-written by M. S. Ramesh along with R. Rajashekar. The film features Darshan and Sherin in the lead roles whilst Om Puri plays an important role.

The film featured original score and soundtrack composed by Gurukiran.

Dhruva (disambiguation)

Dhruva is a Hindu mythological character.

Dhruva may also refer to:

  • Super Commando Dhruva, an Indian comic book superhero
  • Dhruva Dharavarsha, a medieval Rashtrakuta king of India
  • Dhruva Interactive, a video game studio in India
  • Dhruva reactor, an Indian nuclear reactor
Dhruva (2016 film)

Dhruva is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language film directed by Surender Reddy and produced by Allu Aravind under his banner Geetha Arts. It features Ram Charan, Rakul Preet Singh and Aravind Swamy.

It is an official remake of the Tamil film Thani Oruvan (2015). The film will feature music by Hiphop Tamizha, who composed for the Tamil original. and cinematography is handled by P. S. Vinod.

The film was launched on 18 February 2016 and principal photography commenced on 22 February 2016.

Usage examples of "dhruva".

I can even tell you which portion was written by Dhruva, and which by Lata, from that alone.

The only reason he'd had today free to do some exploring was that the Mongoose was now spending more time in the company of Dhruva and her infant.

From the frown on his face, Dhruva was pretty sure he'd just finished his own head count and had come to the same conclusion.

There even seems to be a genuine attachment between Dhruva and Valentinian.

She transferred the cheerful smile to Dhruva and motioned with her head.