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Kherva is a village in the Mehsana District, Gujarat, India, situated on State Highway 73 between Gandhinagar and Mehsana. It borders the following villages: Devarasan, Kadavasan, Mulsan, Jagudan, Sanganpur ( સાંગણપુર), Punasan, Hebuva, Udalpur, Gunjala, Dharusan, and Damnava.

The nearest railway stations are in Jagudan, located 4 km from Kherva, and in Mehsana 8 km away. The Tropic of Cancer passes nearby Kherva.

Kherva Village is prosperous because of its location 7 km away from the Ahmedabad-to-Meshana toll highway and railways in Jagudan Village and Meshana City. Kherva has an advanced irrigation facility which draws water from the Sujlam Suflam canal, the Kherva water reservation tank, and the Khet Talavdi . Kherva has its own farm-product selling market as well as a large second one at Meshana.

There are two modern hospitals in Kherva, with many small clinics in the area. In Kherva, there are many educational institutions such as a Primary school, Higher Secondary school, PTC College, as well as the Ganpat University.