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Moskva is a transliteration of "", meaning Moscow in the Russian language.

Moskva may also refer to:

  • Moskva, a medium-format camera made by Krasnogorsky Zavod
  • Moskva, a ZX Spectrum computer clone
  • Moskva (album), by Russian pop group Glukoza
  • 787 Moskva, a Main Belt asteroid
  • Moskva (magazine), a Russian literary magazine
  • Hotel Moskva (disambiguation)
Moskva (album)

Moskva is the second and final studio album of Russian pop group " Glukoza". After the album was released Natasha Ionova left the group to start a solo career.

Moskva (inhabited locality)

Moskva is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

  • Moskva, Kirov Oblast, a village under the administrative jurisdiction of Verkhoshizhemye Urban-Type Settlement in Verkhoshizhemsky District of Kirov Oblast;
  • Moskva, Pskov Oblast, a village in Porkhovsky District of Pskov Oblast
  • Moskva, Tver Oblast, a village in Voroshilovskoye Rural Settlement of Penovsky District in Tver Oblast
Moskva (magazine)

Moskva (Москва, Moscow) is a Russian monthly literary magazine founded in 1957 in Moscow.

Moskva (Almaty Metro)

Moskva is a station at the Line 1 of the Almaty Metro serving as its western terminus. The station is located behind Sayran station. It was opened on 18 April 2015 as a part of the second stretch of Line 1 between Alatau and Moskva.

The station is located west of the city center, at Abay Avenue east of crossing with Altynsarin Avenue. It is built underground and has one island platform.