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Word usage examples

In 1988 the vicepresident was Taha Muhy ad Din Maruf, who was first appointed by Bakr in 1974, and was subsequently kept in office by Saddam Husayn.

When Taha Hussein said of modern Arab culture in 1936 that it was European, not Eastern he was registering the identity of the Egyptian cultural elite, of which he was so distinguished a member.

Iraqi Vice President, Taha Yassin Ramadan, scathingly criticized Annan yesterday for seeking to expand the exclusive role of the U.

Unless she was a midget, Sa scha said, pointing to the thin hands clawing up out of the mass.

Emerging washed and dressed, Rhyssa beckoned Sa scha to follow her through to her office, which adjoined her living suite.

I don't know how this puha is sung, but it works well and Quanah buys good things with some of the money while the rest keeps breeding for us in that big iron box!

Everyone knows it is wrong to use another person's puha, or even to paint one's pony in the same way, without offering him a present and getting his permission!

Paint is worn for puha, or to warn your enemies what kind of a fighter they face.

Anxiety cut into her appetite so she kept her order to a minimum: coffee and the house special, halekulani popovers with poha berry jam.

Krat grunted and writhed, and the Paha officer fled as she panted on the vletoor cushion.