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n. A Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Burma, China, and neighboring countries.


Akha may refer to:

  • Akha, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Akha, alternate name of Dinan, Mazandaran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • the Akha people
  • the Akha language

Usage examples of "akha".

In the cliff face was carved an enormous representation of Akha the Great One.

Vakk had been bridged, so that access was gained to the end area of Market, where increasing steepness of the ground necessitated many steps, which culminated in a wide balcony housing a huge statue of Akha, carved from the rock.

A force like Akha was needed to save anyone who trod in such a thronged necropolis!

But Yuli found the people lifeless, except when roused by the games, rare exceptions being those few traders and trappers living in Market in terraces of their own guild, who regularly had occasion to be blessed by Akha and sent on business in the outside world, as had been the case with the two gentlemen of his acquaintance.

Best to stay put in Pannoval, where Akha looked after his own with his blind eyes.

He was unable to meet even the most elementary qualification: a belief in Akha and a proof of regular sacrifices to the god.

On his head he wore a bronze helmet displaying the holy symbol of Akha, a kind of two-spoked wheel.

For Akha is the god of earth and underground, and you shall understand something of how the earth lives, and we in its veins.

Maybe, if you are good enough, you could yourself become a priest, and serve Akha in a greater way.

I speak not for myself but for the great Akha, whose spirit moves inside me.

You hear so often that Akha cares nothing for us and everything for his battle with Wutra.

As he moved, so into that framed distant view moved Akha himself, high above the heads of the crowd.

There Akha stood, broad and horrible of brow, its large stone eyes unseeing yet all-seeing, lit from below by flares.

Whole walls were covered with painting and carving, many of them illustrating the life of Akha and the great battles he had fought, as well as the battles he would fight when again enough humans had faith in his strength.

Spartan kind, selected from the offerings made by supplicants of Akha daily.