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Juha (1999 film)

Juha is a 1999 Finnish film written and directed by Aki Kaurismäki. The film is loosely based on a famous 1911 novel by the Finnish author Juhani Aho marking this as the fourth time the novel was adapted for the screen. The original story takes place in the 18th century but Kaurismäki's remake is set in the 1970s. It tells the story of a love triangle where a simple peasant woman leaves her husband after falling in love with a modern city slicker. Juha is a silent film shot in black-and-white with the dialogue coming in the form of intertitles.

Juha (film)

Juha is the title of two Finnish films:

  • Juha (1937 film), directed by Nyrki Tapiovaara
  • Juha (1999 film), directed by Aki Kaurismäki
Juha (Merikanto)

Juha is a three-act opera by Aarre Merikanto, with a Finnish libretto by Aino Ackté based on the 1911 novel of the same name by Juhani Aho. Although completed by 1922, it was only finally staged at the music college in Lahti on 28 October 1963. The story is a drama of a love triangle: the older husband Juha, his young wife Marja, and her seducer the merchant Shemeikka. Set in the 1880s in Kainuu in northern Finland, the human tragedy is based around the harsh realities of a farming community and the clash of their lifestyle with the more worldly nomadic Karelians, represented by Shemeikka.

Juha (disambiguation)

Juha is a masculine given name.

Juha may also refer to:

  • Juha, a 1911 novel by Juhani Aho
    • Juha (Merikanto), a 1922 opera based on the novel by Aarre Merikanto
    • Juha (Madetoja), a 1935 opera based on the novel by Leevi Madetoja
    • Juha (1937 film), a Finnish film adaptation directed by Nyrki Tapiovaara
    • Juha (1999 film), a Finnish film adaptation directed by Aki Kaurismäki
  • Juha, Saudi Arabia, village in Jizan Province
  • Olga Juha (born 1962), Hungarian retired high jumper
  • Juha, the Arabic name for the Turkish trickster Nasreddin
Juha (1937 film)

Juha is a 1937 Finnish drama film directed by Nyrki Tapiovaara, starring Hannes Närhi, Irma Seikkula and Walle Saikko. It is set in the 18th century and tells the story of a farmer who has married an orphan girl he raised, and how a tradesman tries to get her to run away with him to Karelia. The film is based on Juhani Aho's 1911 novel with the same title.

The film was Tapiovaara's debut. It was released in Finland on 24 January 1937.


Juha is a masculine given name of Finnish origin which may refer to:

Juha (Madetoja)

Juha, Op. 74, is an opera in 3 acts (6 tableaux) by the Finnish composer Leevi Madetoja, who composed the work between 1931 and 1934. The libretto is a collaboration between Madetoja and Aino Ackté, based on a novel by Juhani Aho by the same name. The score calls for 3 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, and orchestra. On 17 February 1935, the opera premiered at the Finnish National Opera. The opera was initially a success, although it never reached the popularity of Madetoja first opera, The Ostrobothnians. Today, it is rarely performed and has been supplanted by Aarre Merikanto's 1922 version, which is based off the same libretto.

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