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n. fonio, esp. ''Digitaria exilis'' (a (l en cereal) (l en cultivate cultivated) in western (l en Africa))


Acha may refer to:

  • Acha (name), list of people with the name
  • Acha (doll), a character in Namco's 1986 arcade game, Toy Pop
  • Acha, Coll, Scottish village
  • Acha Mountain Fortress, an earthen fortress
  • General Acha, town in La Pampa Province, Argentina
Acha (doll)
Acha (name)

Acha (also Achá) can be both a given name and surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Acha Septriasa (born 1989), Indonesian actress and singer
  • Alberto Figueroa de Acha (born 1920), Bolivian football defender
  • Alexander Acha (born 1985), Mexican singer-songwriter
  • José Aguirre de Achá (born 1877), Bolivian writer, politician and lawyer
  • José María Achá (1810–1868), Bolivian military general and president of Bolivia
  • Mariano Acha (1799-1841), soldier who fought in the Argentine Civil War
  • Omar Acha (born 1971), Argentine historian and political essayist