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Paha is a small settlement in the hills north of Otočec in the Municipality of Novo Mesto in southeastern Slovenia. The area is part of the traditional region of Lower Carniola and is now included in the Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region.

Paha (landform)

Paha are landforms composed of prominent hills that are oriented from northwest to southeast and typically have large loess deposits. They developed during the period of mass erosion that developed the Iowan surface, and are considered erosional remnants and are often at interstream divides. Paha generally rise above the surrounding landscape more than . The word paha means hill in Dakota Sioux. A well known Paha is the hill on which the town of Mount Vernon, Iowa developed.

Paha (disambiguation)

Paha is a settlement in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Paha or PAHA may also refer to:

  • PAHA or para-aminohippuric acid
  • Paha (landform), a hill or ridge, typically formed of sand and capped with loess
  • Paha language, a Kra language spoken in northern Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan
  • Paha (beetle), a genus of cylindrical bark beetle

Usage examples of "paha".

Krat grunted and writhed, and the Paha officer fled as she panted on the vletoor cushion.

Their most successful upspring were the Gello, the Paha, and the Pila.

That group of Paha warriors shall never again kneel before perverted Soro females.

Harry glimpsed a haughty, lizardlike Soro, accompanied by a minimal retinue of Pila and Paha clients, slip into a shrouded establishment whose proprietor at once turned off the flashing "Available" sign .

Before departing on his latest mission, Harry had seen a Tandu bite off the head of an obstinate Paha who had proudly refused to give way.

While the gello brandished a metaltipped staff, the paha sported a simple device on one arm-a wrist catapult, like the one Dwer was seen wearing earlier.

Slipping free of his spasmodic grasp, she ducked down to avoid being seized by the paha, then swerved in an unexpected direction, under and between the Tandu's spiky legs!

Anyway, when our Paha scout gets no answer to his calls for instructions, he decides to take some initiative.

A few years later the Seven Spin Clans came forward with evidence that the Paha warrior really had made every effort to call back for instructions before beginning his intervention, but subspace conditions had prevented any*mes-sage from getting through.