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SUHA (computer science)

In computer science, SUHA (Simple UniformHashing Assumption) is a basic assumption that facilitates the mathematical analysis of hash tables. The assumption states that a hypothetical hashing function will evenly distribute items into the slots of a hash table. Moreover, each item to be hashed has an equal probability of being placed into a slot, regardless of the other elements already placed. This assumption generalizes the details of the hash function and allows for certain assumptions about the stochastic system.


Suha may refer to:

  • Suha (given name), an Arabic feminine given name. Meaning "Star".
  • Suha, Iran, a village in Ardabil Province, Iran
  • Suha River, a river in Romania
  • Suha, Škofja Loka, a village in Slovenia
  • SUHA (computer science), the simple uniform hashing assumption for hash tables
  • Pomelo, a citrus fruit from South Asia
Suha (Bratunac)

Suha ( Cyrillic: Суха) is a village in the municipality of Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Suha (given name)

Suha or "Soha" is an Arabic feminine given name meaning "beautiful, amazing" It is also the name of a star, Al-Suha in the Ursa Major constellation. There is a belief that only people with perfect eyesight and inner wisdom can benefit from the light of this star. Bearers of this name are attractive, charismatic, intelligent, high achieving, kind women with integrity and humility.