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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Moha \Mo"ha\, n. (Bot.) A kind of millet ( Setaria Italica); German millet.


n. A kind of millet, ''Setaria italica''; German millet.


MohaN may refer to:


  • Moha, Belgium, a village in the municipality of Wanze, province of Liège, Belgium
  • Moha, British Columbia, a rural locality located in British Columbia, Canada
  • Moha, Hungary, a village in Hungary
  • Moha, Osmanabad, a panchayat village in Kalamb Tahsil, Osmanabad District, Maharashtra, India


  • Bob Moha (1890–1959), American middleweight boxer
  • Moha (born 1977), Moroccan footballer
  • Moha (born 1993), a Moroccan–Spanish football player

In other uses:

  • Moha (Buddhism), a state in which the mind is not clear, one of the three poisons of Buddhism
  • Moha (tree), Madhuca longifolia
  • Wat Moha Montrey, a monastery temple in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Moha (Buddhism)

Moha (Sanskrit, Pali; Tibetan phonetic: timuk) is a Buddhist concept of character affliction or poison, and refers to "delusion, confusion, dullness". It is sometimes synonymous with "ignorance" ( avidya).

Moha, along with Raga (greed, sensual attachment) and Dvesha (aversion, hate) are unskillful roots that lead to Tanha (craving) in the Buddhist thought, which is part of the Twelve Nidanas that propel the wheel of life. It is symbolically present as the pig in the center of Tibetan bhavachakra drawings.

Moha is identified in the following contexts within the Buddhist teachings:

  • One of the three poisons within the Mahayana Buddhist tradition.
  • One of the three unwholesome roots within the Theravada Buddhist tradition
  • One of the fourteen unwholesome mental factors within the Theravada Abhidharma teachings

Usage examples of "moha".

In overcoming Moha one 82 also has to overcome Mithya, and then, and then only, does one attain to the stage of.