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Bashorun Gaha (or Gaa) was a notable nobleman and leader of the military in the old Oyo Empire during the 17th/18th century. He held the post during the reigns of 4 consecutive imperial Alaafins, and was instrumental to the military conquests during their time. Renowned for his juju prowess, he deposed or was responsible for the death of 3 of these Alaafins before being subdued by Alaafin Abiodun (who ruled c. 1770–1789) via trickery and betrayal by his generals. He was said to have been burnt to death so that he would not return to life. Upon his death, his children fled Oyo for places like Egbado (now Yewa), Badagry, Coutonou and Dahomey, mainly locations where their late father had contacts.