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Ocha is a genus of moth in the family Lasiocampidae.

Usage examples of "ocha".

And finally she prayed to Ocha, Emperor of the gods and also god of war, revenge, exploration and endeavour.

It was a vast edifice of gold and bronze, shaped like a truncated pyramid, with its top flattened and surmounted by a wondrous temple to Ocha, Emperor of the gods.

She pulled her hood tighter to her head and staggered on, not knowing where she was going, trusting to Ocha to guide her.

She believed that Ocha would not abandon her so, when it was he who had set her on this path.

Then came Winterfall, the day on which all men must give praise to Ocha for the beginning of a new cycle of the year.

They warned the Emperor to make amends to Ocha, reminding him that he was only Emperor of men, and Ocha was Emperor of the gods.

Her initial despair at the impossibility of the oath she had sworn to Ocha had warmed and turned to determination, a rigid focus, an unswerving direction she could cling to.

Could they sense the oath she had given to Ocha to avenge herself against them?