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Rhymes for word plenkovice

accomplice addice adjutrice administratrice advice advocatrice allice allspice ambassadrice ambassatrice amice angrice anti-choice anti-ice apostatrice appendice appentice apprentice aprice arlice armistice artifice attice auspice autocratrice avarice averice bablatrice bastardice beice bellatrice benefactrice benefice bespice bice black-ice bodice bombice box-office brattice brendice brettice brewice bubble-the-justice buttrice by-office caddice caice calice cantatrice caprice carnifice cavallerice cervice chalice chastice cherice chimice choc-ice choice church-service cicatrice cilice co-advice coadjutrice cocatrice cocautrice cockagrice cockatrice cockentrice codice colice colpice competitrice conciliatrice conductrice confortatrice conservatrice conservice consolatrice conspiratrice copice copperice coppice cornice coronice correctrice corrodice corruptrice cotice cottice cowardice cowatice cranice creditrice creoice crevice crice croice culice cullice da-ice dastardice de-ice dead-ice debitrice defensatrice delice dentifrice desertrice deservice deuice device devoice dewice dice directrice disjustice disoffice dispice dispractice disprejudice disservice disvoice divice divinatrice doctrice dormice drift-ice edifice electrice emperatrice emperice enspice enterdice entice espice executrice eye-service eye-splice factice fice fillatrice fire-office fire/ice fla-vor-ice flour-de-lice foolhardice formice fornicatrice fortalice fricatrice gallice genice gentrice gourmandice governatrice greice grice ground-ice half-price hand-vice haruspice head-voice heiretrice henatrice hospice hurdice ice ice-ice imperatrice imperice imprejudice indice indoice inheritrice injustice insuffice intice inventrice invoice jaundice joice juice just-ice justice knight-service kocatrice kokatrice land-service lanifice lattice lectrice lettice level-sice lice licorice likorice lime-juice lip-service liquirice liquorice litteratrice loan-office logomacice lunestice lunistice maistrice malefice malice mallice malpractice marice mastice matrice mattrice mediatrice merschaundrice milice mis-service misadvice mischoice mistice moerdrice mordrice morice morrice mortice mustice naice neice nice nidifice noice norice notice nouice nourice novice nurrice nutrice office ofice operatrice opifice oporice oratrice orice orifice outvoice overprice paice palice pallaice panifice paper-office partice pass-dice patrice pauice paveice pavice peice pelice pellice pendice pentice percollice perice pice pin-vice plaice plurice point-device point-vice police pollice poltice pomice pommice pontifice pop-ice porcupice porpice post-armistice postjudice poultice powltice practice precipice prejudice prentice preservatrice prevaricatrice price printing-office propice protectrice pruice publice puerice pumice pummice punice quice quoice radice raice raspice redemptrice rejoice rellice rent-service reparatrice reprice respice resplice revoice rice rigolice rubrice sacrafice sacrefice sacrifice saice salvatrice sarvice satisfice sconfice sea-ice semplice sentrice serfice service servitrice servoice shice sice silice skice sklice slice slice-and-dice sluice sofice solstice spice splice suffice super-service superfice superlattice supplice supprice surplice swice tapice tappice tea-service terrice thrice tice time-service tomice traice travice traytice tretice trevice trewice tri-service trice turn-rice tutrice twice ultrice undervoice unjustice unprejudice unpropice unservice unsluice unvoice varice vaws-cornice venefice venifice verdjuice verjuice vernice vertice vice victrice victualling-office voice vortice warandice warnice warrandice water-ice wice woice wyice zelatrice