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adv. (context chiefly Scotland English) (alternative spelling of once English)


Ance may refer to:

  • Ance (given name), a feminine given name


  • Ance, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.
  • Ance, Latvia, a village in the Ventspils District, Latvia


  • Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili (ANCE), the Italian Association of private construction contractors
  • Agence Nationale de Certification Electronique
Ance (given name)

Ance is a Latvian feminine given name. The associated name day is July 26.

Usage examples of "ance".

CHERRYH ance and behavior it was both, and they could not swear to its influence.

CHERRYH ance and behavior it was both, and they could not swear to its influence.

I hae livd this threty yeirs and three,And I neer yet saw the Tyne sae big,Nor rinning ance sae like a sea.

THe electron flows pulse slowly from three different power saw the chunks of nuclear material as huge galaxies anced, great masses of probability poised to fall each other.

But to have had the Hevians turn over complete custody of their women to the Okies, without so much as a conference, at first contact—after Hazleton had proposed using any possible women as bindlestiff-bait—a proposal advanced before it had been established that there even was such a place as He— Well, that was Hazelton’s own psi-gift—not true clairvoy ance, but an ability to pluck workable plans out of logically insufficient data.

I canna depone to having ever seen ane mysell, but, I ance heard ane whistle ahint me in the moss, as like a whaup [Curlew] as ae thing could be like anither.

In a moment the panel slid to the side to reveal a blue chamber: Citizen Blue's personal convey -- ance.

Kamatsu, Lord of the Shinzawai, knew that a Great One had struck a chime in the halls of the Assembly, willing the sound to come here, to announce his imminent appear- ance.

His voice, soft again, nevertheless penetrated the ringing cheers that reverberated inside and outside the Hall at this much-longed-for reappeal ance.

If I made my suspicions obvious to Deputy Chief Taverner - for example, by revoking his clear ances and authorizations - he would certainly do his utmost to protect himself.