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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I bought a dozen cookies, so you can take three apiece.
▪ Oranges are 20 cents apiece.
▪ At Yanto's suggestion they had each gone off and found themselves a long thin stick apiece.
▪ Both are in their 50s, have been married for more than 30 years and have three children apiece.
▪ Broadus and Lee were free throughout the trial on $ 1 million bail apiece.
▪ Every Christmas we could expect at least one toy apiece.
▪ In seven Tests at headquarters between 1983 and 1989, Foster took just 14 wickets at 44 runs apiece.
▪ The 300 lobbyists and lawyers gave an average of just above $ 10, 000 apiece.
▪ The past 10 congresses averaged voting on one amendment apiece, according to Congressional Quarterly.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apiece \A*piece"\, adv. [Pref. a- + piece.] Each by itself; by the single one; to each; as the share of each; as, these melons cost a shilling apiece. ``Fined . . . a thousand pounds apiece.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, a contraction of a pece (mid-15c.), originally of coins, objects for sale, etc. (see a (2) + piece (n.)).


adv. each by itself; by the single one; to each; as the share of each.


adv. to or from every one of two or more (considered individually); "they received $10 each" [syn: each, to each one, for each one, from each one]

Usage examples of "apiece".

One on a side, he and the girl put out an oar apiece and awkwardly rowed the craft in a series of circles to nowhere.

Those lights threw fifteen hundred watts apiece, but there was no glare-polarized lenses and windshields saw to that.

But to continue, we will say that Chester and Albert had four children apiece, two boys and two girls, two pairs of identical twins, each.

McWatt was deeply impressed with Milo, who, to the amusement of Corporal Snark, his mess sergeant, was already buying eggs for seven cents apiece and selling them for five cents.

Milo could buy eggs in Malta for seven cents apiece and sell them at a profit in Pianosa for five cents.

His mission was silly, Yossarian felt, since it was common knowledge that Milo bought his eggs in Malta for seven cents apiece and sold them to the mess halls in his syndicate for five cents apiece.

I sell them to me and a profit of two and three quarter cents apiece when I buy them back from me.

I can make a profit buying eggs for seven cents apiece and selling them for five cents apiece.

Sicily for one cent apiece and transfer them to Malta secretly at four and a half cents apiece in order to get the price of eggs up to seven cents apiece when people come to Malta looking for them.

Pianosa under an assumed name so that Colonel Cathcart and Colonel Korn can buy them up from me under their assumed names at four cents apiece and sell them back to me the next day for the syndicate at five cents apiece.

I make a profit of three and a half cents apiece, and everybody comes out ahead.

We can make three thousand dollars apiece without any risk to either of us.

THINK he said you--am almost sure--had done him a very great service once, possibly without knowing the full value of it, and he wished he had a fortune, he would leave it to you when he died, and a curse apiece for the rest of the citizens.

Five oysters apiece for dinner and three spoonfuls of juice, a gill of water, and a piece of biscuit the size of a silver dollar.

Beale could introduce the little girl only, alas, by revealing to her so attractive, so enthralling a name: the side-shows, each time, were sixpence apiece, and the fond allegiance enjoyed by the elder of our pair had been established from the earliest time in spite of a paucity of sixpences.