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Čeče is a settlement in central Slovenia. It lies in the hills northeast of the town of Trbovlje. Administratively it is divided between the municipalities of Trbovlje and Hrastnik. Traditionally the area was part of the Styria region. It is now included in the Central Sava Statistical Region.

Usage examples of "cece".

Since we were already in town, I suggested we take the biscuits to Cece, our friend at the local newspaper.

I had to wonder about this sudden rootedness displayed by Cece, Harold, and myself.

We all jumped, and it was Cece who leapt up first and ran to the front door.

I waited until his patrol car was at the road before I drove to the newspaper and the busy, busy typing of Cece Dee Falcon, society editor.

Since Cece was ready for action, we decided to leave the computer research until after our interrogation of Lorilee.

I drove while Cece reapplied her China Rouge lipstick and freshened her make-up.

We arrived at The Gardens, and Cece led the way unerringly into the bar, a room dominated by dark wood, crystal, and mirrors.

I looked at Cece, who was studying her feet and trying hard not to smile.

I needed to talk to Cece, but I also needed access to the newspaper files.

Before Cece became society editor and long before she became my source for historical Sunflower County facts, Cece was Cecil.

I asked, realizing there was more to this story than Cece was volunteering.

Tinkie and Cece had pulled my hair up into a bun, with spectacular effect.

She strode across the floor toward Cece, her glare icy and her gaze unwavering.

Was it that Cece loved the limelight or did she just rub arrogant bitches the wrong way?

By this time Cece had swung her leg behind Ellisea and thrown her to the floor.