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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bice \Bice\, Bise \Bise\, n. [F. bis, akin to It. bigio light gray, tawny.] (Paint.) A pale blue pigment, prepared from the native blue carbonate of copper, or from smalt; -- called also blue bice.

Green bice is prepared from the blue, by adding yellow orpiment, or by grinding down the green carbonate of copper.
--Brande & C.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"pale blue color," early 15c., shortened from blew bis "blue bice," from French bis "swarthy, brownish-gray" (12c.), cognate with Italian bigio; of unknown origin. Via French combinations azur bis, vert bis the word came into English with a sense of "blue" or "green."


n. 1 A pale blue pigment, prepared from the native blue carbonate of copper, or from smalt. 2 A cobalt blue pigment.


Bice, from the French bis, a word of doubtful origin, originally meaning dark-coloured, was a term applied in English to particular green or blue pigments. In French the terms vert bis and azur bis mean dark green and dark blue respectively. Bice pigments were generally prepared from basic copper carbonates, but sometimes ultramarine or other pigments were used.

Bice (disambiguation)

Bice is a mineral pigment. Other uses include:

Usage examples of "bice".

The final affidavit refuting Harry Fleisher's alibi was from Patrolman Albert Bice of the Bethune Avenue Station.

According to Bice, when he spoke to Fleisher he responded with a wave of his hand.

The next day when a teletype came into the station naming Fleisher as a suspect in the massacre, Bice mentioned to his superior that he had seen Fleisher the previous day.

Are you the sort to go hungry because you begrudge the outlay of a few bice?

Everyone is the better for an occasional purge, which we offer at ten bice.

None of us would refuse to drag home a sack of sequins, but neither would we care to challenge impossibility for a chancy bice.

She was trying to paint a fairy queen's frock with green bice, and it wouldn't rub.

I saw the first two lines - I wonder why Green Bice Is never very nice.

Only faggots from the West Side, probably unemployed actors, waiters by night, and Muldwyn Butner of Sachs, who I went to Exeter with, over at the biceps curl machine.

On the stomach crunch machine I've gotten so I can do six sets of fifteen and on the biceps curl machine I do seven sets of ten.

The overwhelming urge I have to mention this to him is quelled only by squeezing my hand into a fist so tightly that I break the skin on the palm of my hand and the biceps of my left arm bulges then rips through the cloth of the linen Armani shirt I have on.

I put my elbow on the table and flex my biceps, asking her to squeeze the muscle.

Worthy I mean, and men of good report, And not the wretches who with Conscience sport: There’s Bice, my friend, who passes off his grease Of pigs for bears’, in pots a crown apiece.

Great splotches of magneta, violet, bice green, burnt umber, and chrome yellow were burned into the stone walls.