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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bullace \Bul"lace\, n. [OE. bolas, bolace, OF. beloce; of Celtic origin; cf. Arm. bolos, polos, Gael. bulaistear.] (Bot.)

  1. A small European plum ( Prunus communis, var. insitita). See Plum.

  2. The bully tree.


n. 1 A small European plum ((taxlink Prunus domestica subsp. insitita subspecies noshow=1)). 2 The bully tree.


n. small wild or half-domesticated Eurasian plum bearing small ovoid fruit in clusters [syn: Prunus insititia]


The bullace is a variety of plum. It bears edible fruit similar to those of the damson, and like the damson is considered to be a strain of the insititia subspecies of Prunus domestica. Although the term has regionally been applied to several different kinds of "wild plum" found in the United Kingdom, it is usually taken to refer to varieties with a spherical shape, as opposed to the oval damsons.

Unlike nearly all damsons, bullaces may be either "white" (i.e. yellow or green) or "black" (i.e. blue or purple) in colour, and ripen up to six weeks later in the year. Though smaller than most damsons, bullaces are much larger than the closely related sloe. Their flavour is usually rather acidic until fully ripe.

Usage examples of "bullace".

Poor old Mother Bullace, she was often rough and sharp, but she could be warm-hearted too, and a provider of small pleasures, she would be very much missed.

Damson, bullace, and tall plum formed the outer circle of the orchard, growing around low plum, cherry, and apple trees.

Directly in front of her was a wall of bullace vines laden with the delicious grapes.

The ripe smell of the bullaces gave an exotic scent, sun-heated with a hint of fermentation.