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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Almuce \Al"muce\, n. Same as Amice, a hood or cape. [1913 Webster] ||


n. A hood or cape.


An almuce was a fur hood-like shoulder cape worn as a choir vestment in the Middle Ages, especially in England. Initially, it was worn by the general population. It found lasting use by certain Canons Regular, such as the white almutium worn on the arm by Premonstratensian canons. It also survives in the tippet and hood worn by some Anglican priests.

The almuce or amess is defined by E. L. Cutts as a tippet of black cloth with a hood attached, lined with fur, worn in choir by canons, and in some counties of England by parochial rectors. The academic hood is a derivative from the medieval almuce.

Usage examples of "almuce".

Over that again is a tippet, a development of the almuce, or worn over it.