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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Ambience is as important to a business's success as the product you sell.
▪ Prices aren't too high at the Osteria, and the ambience is bright and inviting.
▪ The restaurant's ambience makes you feel you're sitting down to dinner in the dining room of an old friend.
▪ Winnetka has that small-town ambience of tree-lined streets and a one-street shopping district that you can't find in suburbia.
▪ After a day in the office, even I felt the benefit of the quiet ambience.
▪ An ambience of embattled loneliness hovers over most of them.
▪ Braitman and Ehrenzweig like having it where they live, and feel its cooperative, relaxed ambience is very San Francisco.
▪ It has 10 floors, with elevators, and a musty, professional ambience.
▪ The ambience of the pub is equally important.
▪ The only difference was the ambience of a twentieth-century Arabian hospital.
▪ They provided background music while people ate and talked, played cards, to give you a pleasant ambience.
▪ This ambitious and cumbersome attraction was totally out of keeping with the Niagara ambience, but Barnett persisted.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1797, from French ambiance (see ambient). Compare ambiance.


n. (alternative spelling of ambiance English)

  1. n. a particular environment or surrounding influence; "there was an atmosphere of excitement" [syn: atmosphere, ambiance]

  2. the atmosphere of an environment [syn: ambiance]

Ambience (sound recording)

In filmmaking, ambience (also known as atmosphere, atmos, or background) consists of the sounds of a given location or space. It is the opposite of "silence." This term is often confused with presence.

Every location has distinct and subtle sounds created by its environment. These sound sources can include wildlife, wind, music, rain, running water, thunder, rustling leaves, distant traffic, aircraft and machinery noise, the sound of distant human movement and speech, creaks from thermal contraction, air conditioning and plumbing noises, fan and motor noises, and harmonics of mains power.

Reverberation will further distort these already faint sounds, often beyond recognition, by introducing complex patterns of peaks and nulls in their frequency spectrum, and blurring their temporal characteristics. Finally, sound absorption can cause high frequencies to be rolled off, dulling the sound further.

Ambience is normally recorded in stereo by the sound department during the production stage of filmmaking. It is used to provide a movie location with sonic space and normally occupies a separate track in the sound edit.

Ambience (album)

Ambience is The Lambrettas' second album. Unlike their first album Beat Boys In The Jet Age it was never a success. The band had tried to move on from their Mod sound but failed to attract a wider audience. The album includes singles "Good Times" and "Decent Town".

Usage examples of "ambience".

The pizza was good, and the ambience was pleasant, though hardly elegant.

He was getting a taste for it His hair was not actually standing on end, but there was a berserk ambience about him that made it likely any minute.

Stella Morton, whose jumping-bean ambience seemed to add up to a hazard, and was tracking around to her with a firing arm when a third force brought it up short.

Unfortunately, Truax had chosen to go with inexpensive metal shelving that did nothing to add to the ambience of the room.

The place sounded as welcoming as a Ministry of Defence shooting range, and the entrance area of the school had the ambience of a hospital waiting-room.

It was no more than ten foot square, low-ceilinged with a solitary window set high in the wall, which gave it the ambience of a dungeon.

The bargain basement ambience of the office lent credibility to the spiel.

The small room under the eaves held a cloistered ambience, offering warm sanctuary from the storm outside, hermitage, as well, from the fashionable beau monde and all the obstacles and impediments that world could impose.

Lulled by the sound of distant trains passing in the night, immersed in a familiar ambience, I slept as well as I had in years.

Or perhaps it was just the ambience of the ancient place they had come to reinhabit, their return to this old place of earth and blood, as if the age of the Roman peace had been nothing but a glittering dream.

The ambience was eerie in the extreme, and the smoldering embers were gruesomely suggestive of the contours of a human form.

My first experiences in Egypt, pursuing mummies and climbing up and down cliffs, had convinced me that trailing skirts and tight corsets were a confounded nuisance in that ambience For many years my working costume had consisted of pith helmet and shirtwaist, boots, and Turkish trousers, or bloomers.

As difficult as it proved to be, she sought to lend her attention to what she was actually seeing rather than the warmly titillating ambience through which she had just drifted.

He had noticed shortly after his sister had recognized him that the lighthearted ambience the brunette beauty had displayed upon her initial entrance into the manor had vanished.

But she had met the horse first, and that had turned out to be a wonderfully unifying thing, because of the ambience of their shared thoughts.