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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I knew that, in the cold light of day, he held all the aces.
▪ And how did he know she was holding the ace?
▪ But even so the oil-producing countries do not hold all the aces, and they still risk future setbacks.
▪ a World War II flying ace
▪ pitching ace Doug Jones
▪ And how did he know she was holding the ace?
▪ Her third serve rocketed over the net, an ace.
▪ Mungo decided to play his ace.
▪ The Rangers ace suffered a stress fracture of the right knee after a late tackle in the recent 1-1 draw at Broomfield.
▪ The Ulster Inter-Pro ace has failed in his battle to recover from a thumb injury sustained during a recent skiing holiday.
▪ There are aces and kings and twos and threes in any deck of cards.
▪ It'd be ace if you could come to the party.
▪ It's clear that ace coach Eddie Futch has taken a shine to him.
▪ Now the area will be seen for what it has to offer: superb technical lines of good rock and ace protection.
▪ She was always ace on a sewing machine.
▪ Then Saughton Sports Centre is offering an ace opportunity you can't turn down.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

ace \ace\ adj. 1. of the highest quality an ace reporter

Syn: A-one, first-class, first-rate, super, tip-top, topnotch(predicate)


ace \ace\ v. to get a grade of "A"; as, to ace an exam. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "one at dice," from Old French as "one at dice," from Latin as "a unit, one, a whole, unity;" also the name of a small Roman coin ("originally one pound of copper; reduced by depreciation to half an ounce" [Lewis]), perhaps originally Etruscan and related to Greek eis "one" (from PIE *sem- "one, as one"), or directly from the Greek word.\n

\nIn English, it meant the side of the die with only one mark before it meant the playing card with one pip (1530s). Because this was the lowest roll at dice, ace was used metaphorically in Middle English for "bad luck" or "something of no value;" but as the ace is often the highest playing card, the extended senses based on "excellence, good quality" arose 18c. as card-playing became popular. Ace in the hole in the figurative sense of "concealed advantage" is attested from 1904, from crooked stud poker deals.\n

\nMeaning "outstanding pilot" dates from 1917 (technically, in World War I aviators' jargon, one who has brought down 10 enemy planes, though originally in reference to 5 shot down), from French l'ace (1915), which, according to Bruce Robertson (ed.) "Air Aces of the 1914-1918 War" was used in prewar French sporting publications for "top of the deck" boxers, cyclists, etc. Sports meaning of "point scored" (1819) led to that of "unreturnable serve" (1889).


"to score" (in sports), 1923, from ace (n.). This led in turn to the extended student slang sense of "get high marks" (1959). Related: Aced; acing.


n. 1 (given name: male). 2 A common nickname suggesting skill, particularly among airplane pilots.

  1. v. succeed at easily; "She sailed through her exams"; "You will pass with flying colors"; "She nailed her astrophysics course" [syn: breeze through, pass with flying colors, sweep through, sail through, nail]

  2. score an ace against; "He aced his opponents"

  3. play (a hole) in one stroke

  4. serve an ace against (someone)

  1. n. the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number; "he has the one but will need a two and three to go with it"; "they had lunch at one" [syn: one, 1, I, single, unity]

  2. one of four playing cards in a deck having a single pip on its face

  3. someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field [syn: adept, champion, sensation, maven, mavin, virtuoso, genius, hotshot, star, superstar, whiz, whizz, wizard, wiz]

  4. a major strategic headquarters of NATO; safeguards an are extending from Norway to Turkey [syn: Allied Command Europe]

  5. a serve that the receiver is unable to reach


adj. of the highest quality; "an ace reporter"; "a crack shot"; "a first-rate golfer"; "a super party"; "played top-notch tennis"; "an athlete in tiptop condition"; "she is absolutely tops" [syn: A-one, crack, first-rate, super, tiptop, topnotch, tops(p)]

Ace (band)

Ace were a British rock band, who enjoyed moderate success in the 1970s. Their membership included Paul Carrack, who later became famous as the lead vocalist of Mike + The Mechanics and as a solo artist. Ace are best known for their hit single " How Long?", which was a UK top-20 single in 1974, and reached No 3 in the US in 1975.

Ace (disambiguation)

An ace is a playing card.

Ace, Aces, ACE or ACES may also refer to:

Ace (1913 automobile)

The Ace was a British car that was built between 1912 and 1916 in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. It was an 8 hp light car, with a 748 cc, four-cylinder water-cooled monobloc engine with Stethnos carburettor, it had a 2-speed gearbox and chain-drive built by the same manufacturer as the Salmon and Baguley cars, and sold for £100 to £125. Data: x bore and stroke, kerb weight , wheelbase , track , length , and width . Suspension was by ½-elliptic springs front and rear. Tyre size 700 x 65.

ACE (compression file format)

In computing, ACE is a proprietary data compression archive file format developed by Marcel Lemke, and later bought by e-merge GmbH. The peak of its popularity was 1999–2001, when it provided slightly better compression rates than RAR, which has since become more popular.

Ace (1920 automobile)

The Ace was an American-assembled car made in Ypsilanti, Michigan by the Apex Motor Car Company, which was reorganized as the Apex Motor Corporation in 1921. The initial batch of cars assembled were sent to Seattle, Washington dealer FE Earnest, who had the idea for the Ace after he was unable to secure a steady supply of new cars for his dealership.

The most interesting feature of the Ace was the Guy Disc-Valve motor, created by engineer Fred M Guy, and Otto W. Heinz. Initially, it was prepared as a four-cylinder engine for production in the Hackett, but the company folded before it was ready.

In April, 1921, Guy and Heinz left the Apex Motor Corporation, obviously with the support of Apex, to found the Guy Disc Valve Motor Co. in Ypsilanti. In mid-1921, a Model H tourer with a conventional Herschell-Spillman straight-6 was added, with a selling price $2,000. The man at the helm at Apex was by now Harry T. Hanover. For 1922, the Guy engine was gone. The Model F "Pup" was added to the range, fitted with a conventional 4-cylinder Gray-Bell engine, and priced at $1295. It was sold beside the Model L "Scout" with a smaller than previous Hershell-Spillmann straight-six engine, and the new top of the line Model C "Combat" with a 340 c.i. Continental Six engine. The sixes ranged in price from $2260 to $3150.

Most Ace cars were tourings, with a few roadsters, and a 4/5 passenger "Coupe-Sedan" with a custom-built look. The "Combat" line also included an attractive speedster in the Kissel Gold Bug pattern.

Apex was initially involved in the Diamond Cab project, which also included Gray Motor Corp., and Guy Disc Valve Motor Co. Within a few months, these plans became obsolete as Diamond Cab got new owners, resulting in the cab built by Elcar, and another cab built by the Driggs Ordnance & Manufacturing Corp..

Ace automobile production ended with the 1922 model year. Total production was 256 cars. Apex Corp. was sold to the American Motor Truck Company in Newark, Ohio, in 1922. For a short time, Apex built bus bodies here, but soon closed forever.

Ace (Doctor Who)

Ace is a fictional character played by Sophie Aldred in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. A 20th-century Earth teenager from the London suburb of Perivale, she is a companion of the Seventh Doctor and was a regular in the series from 1987 to 1989. She is considered one of the Doctor's most popular companions.

Ace appeared in 9 stories (31 episodes), and was the final companion in the original run of the classic series.

She was written to be a "fighter and not a screamer".

Ace (tennis)

In tennis, an ace is a legal serve that is not touched by the receiver, winning the point. In professional tennis, aces are generally seen on a player's first serve, where the server can strike the ball with maximum force and take more chances with ball placement, such as the far corners of the service box.

Ace (editor)

Ace (from Cloud9 Editor) is a standalone code editor written in JavaScript. The goal is to create a web-based code editor that matches and extends the features, usability, and performance of existing native editors such as TextMate, Vim, or Eclipse. It can be easily embedded in any web page and JavaScript application. Ace is developed as the primary editor for Cloud9 IDE and as the successor of the Mozilla Skywriter project.

ACE (games magazine)

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) was a multi-format computer and video game magazine first published in the United Kingdom by Future Publishing and later acquired by EMAP.

Ace (Bob Weir album)

Ace was the first solo album by Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist Bob Weir, released in 1972.

Its origins come from an offer by the Dead's Warner Bros. Records label to have band members cut their own solo records, and it came out the same year as Jerry Garcia's Garcia and Mickey Hart's Rolling Thunder. However, in the case of Ace, Weir's backing band was the Dead itself (minus Ron "Pigpen" McKernan), and all songs except "Walk in the Sunshine" became concert staples of the Dead.

The album is essentially a Grateful Dead recording in everything but name. In fact "Mexicali Blues" later appeared on the Grateful Dead album Skeletons from the Closet, and "One More Saturday Night" was first issued as a European single, in the guise of "Grateful Dead with Bobby Ace", to promote the band's then-imminent Europe '72 tour. Likewise, a live version of "Playing in the Band" had been released the previous year on Grateful Dead, having already been added to the band's repertoire.

Versions of "Greatest Story Ever Told" and "Playing in the Band" also appear on percussionist Mickey Hart's Rolling Thunder, as "The Pump Song" and "The Main Ten", respectively, both of which were also sung by Weir. The album initiated Weir's writing partnership with his old schoolmate from Wyoming, John Barlow, as lyricist.

Ace (musical)

ACE is a musical with a book and lyrics by Robert Taylor and Richard Oberacker, and music by Oberacker. The story is about a boy, separated from her mother, who discovers his past and himself through a series of dreams about a flying ace. It was inspired by Robert Taylor's father training to be a pilot, and his mother having a near-fatal bout with depression.

The musical premiered the The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Missouri, in 2006 and has played in several regional productions.

Ace (G.I. Joe)

Ace is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series. He is the G.I. Joe Team's original fighter pilot and debuted in 1983.

Ace (Ian Van Dahl album)

Ace is the debut studio album by the Belgian dance music act known as Ian Van Dahl, released in 2002. The album contains four songs that reached the top 20 of the UK singles chart: " Will I?" (#5); "Reason" (#8); "Try" (#15); and their biggest hit single, " Castles in the Sky", which reached #3 and spent seven weeks in the top 10 in the summer of 2001. This last song also reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S., where it peaked at #91. The album itself peaked at #7 in the UK, where it achieved Gold status after only four weeks. The album title was inspired by taking the first letters of the names of each member of the act; Annemie, Christophe and Eric.

Ace (baseball)

In baseball, an ace is the best starting pitcher on a team and nearly always the first pitcher in the team's starting rotation. Barring injury or exceptional circumstances, an ace typically starts on Opening Day. In addition, aces are usually preferred to start crucial playoff games, sometimes on three days rest.

The term may be a derivation of the nickname of Asa Brainard, (real first name: "Asahel"), a 19th-century star pitcher, who was sometimes referred to as "Ace".

In the early days of baseball, the term "ace" was used to refer to a run.

A lot of modern baseball analysts and fans have started using the term "ace" to refer to the elite pitchers in the game, not necessarily to the best starting pitcher on each team. For example, the April 27, 1981 Sports Illustrated cover was captioned "The Amazing A's and Their Five Aces" to describe the starting rotation of the 1981 Oakland Athletics.

ACE (cable system)

The ACE (African Coast to Europe) submarine communications cable is a cable system along the west coast of Africa between France and South Africa managed by a consortium of 19 operators & administrations headed by Orange. The consortium agreement was signed on June 5, 2010. The cable was manufactured by Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) and was laid by ships from ASN and France Telecom Marine.

The first phase of the 17,000 km-long fiber optic cable was put in service on December 15, 2012, with an official inauguration ceremony held on December 19, 2012 in Banjul, The Gambia.

The ACE Cable will eventually connect 23 countries, either directly for coastal countries or through land links for landlocked countries, like Mali and Niger.

ACE is the first international submarine cable to land in Equatorial Guinea, The Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Mauritania, Sao Tome and Principe and Sierra Leone.

ACE (genomic file format)

The ACE file format is a specification for storing data about genomic contigs.

The original ACE format was developed for use with Consed, a program for viewing, editing, and finishing DNA sequence assemblies.

ACE files are generated by various assembly programs, including Phrap, CAP3, Newbler, Arachne, AMOS (sequence assembly) (more specifically Minimo) and Tigr Assembler v2.

Ace (name)

Ace is a masculine given name, nickname and surname. Notable people and fictional characters with the name include:

Ace (Taemin EP)

Ace is the first EP by Shinee's Taemin under SM Entertainment, released on August 18, 2014. Its promotional single was "Danger".

Ace (Scooter album)

Ace is the eighteenth studio album by German band Scooter released on 5 February 2016 through Sheffield Tunes & Kontor Records, preceded by the first single "Riot" on 4 September 2015, second single "Oi" was released on 5 February 2016, and the third single "Mary Got No Lamb" which was released on 6 May 2016.

Ace (video game)

Ace (stylized as ACE as acronym for Air Combat Emulator) is a flight simulator video game developed by Cascade Games for various home computers released in 1985. In-game, the player takes the role a fighter jet pilot defending an English coastland against an enemy invasion, having to fight off aerial, ground and naval forces while Allied bases evacuate. The display shows the plane's instrumentation and cockpit view.

The game was well-received and, despite various issues, it was lauded by critics as one of the best air combat simulators of the time and particularly praised for its accessible gameplay. The game was developed with low budget by the small UK-based Cascade Games, who later produced two sequels to the game.

Ace (video gamer)

Aaron Elam (born April 2, 1993), better known by his in-game name Ace, is an American professional Halo player who currently plays for OpTic Gaming. He won the Halo 4 Global Championship FFA after beating Justin "iGotUrPistola" Deese in the finals, where he won $200,000. He is well known for his time on Status Quo and Team Liquid.

Ace and Team Liquid finished 5-8th at X Games Aspen 2016.

His older brother Kyle "ElamiteWarrior" Elam is a retired professional Halo player.

Usage examples of "ace".

It was deep twilight when Ace sat down in front of the fire and attacked the tender, roasted meat, washing it down with swallows of coffee.

The evening air had cooled considerably, and Ace sat hunched close to the campfire.

It was not quite light the next morning, when Ace awakened to the cool dampness of a fine, misty rain on his fAce.

He looked at Ace when his master rose and strapped on his Colt, which was still dry from being under the blanket.

Surprisingly, Ace found plenty of dry wood under the thick growth of trees.

When he was ready to break camp, Ace decided to ride along the river until he came to a fur post.

The mist became a light, steady rain, and as Ace rode along, a soft patter filled the stillness of aspen and pine.

Judging from the number of men in town, it must be Saturday, Ace thought.

Swearing under his breath, Ace hurried to help the abused woman to her feet.

I should have shot the bastard, Ace thought as he continued on to the bar.

Swearing under his breath, Ace hurried to help the young wife to her feet.

Lark stayed on at the window after Ace and Thad disappeared into the bunkhouse.

Of course he could fire Ace, he told himself, but he had other plans for the man.

Lark was flooded with relief when she rounded a bend in the trail and saw Ace Brandon climbing toward her.

When Ace spotted the old cabin he saw an elderly man about to enter it, his arms full of firewood.