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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bace \Bace\, n., a., & v. See Base. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 n. (context rare English) A blow; a drubbing. Etymology 2

  1. (obsolete form of base English) n. (obsolete form of base English) v

  2. (obsolete form of base English)


Bace is a village in the municipality of Prokuplje, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 284 people.

Usage examples of "bace".

Then taking thrise three haires from off her head,Them trebly breaded in a threefold lace,And round about the pots mouth, bound the thread,And after hauing whispered a spaceCertaine sad words, with hollow voice and bace,She to the virgin said, thrise said she it.

In her the richesse of all heauenly graceIn chiefe degree are heaped vp on hye:And all that else this worlds enclosure bace,Hath great or glorious in mortall eye.

For thy, this hight The Rocke of vile Reproch,A daungerous and detestable place,To which nor fish nor fowle did once approch,But yelling Meawes, with Seagulles hoarse and bace,And Cormoyrants, with birds of rauenous race,Which still sate waiting on that wastfull clift,For spoyle of wretches, whose vnhappie cace,After lost credite and consumed thrift,At last them driuen hath to this despairefull drift.

For she was full of amiable grace,And manly terrour mixed therewithall,That as the one stird vp affections bace,So th'other did mens rash desires apall,And hold them backe, that would in errour fall.

Soone after these he saw another Knight,That after those two former rode apace,With speare in rest, and prickt with all his might:So ran they all, as they had bene at bace,They being chased, that did others chase.

Isee thr go ks suandind her bare mine orlyd has er seemed unusuaat in rric laugwhere wero, enou Tir, woNell gloo, ntrher headtr bace to , ntrarmat.