How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word embedded

abraded abscinded absconded accoladed accorded added affriended aided alluded ambuscaded amended aminded appended applauded apprehended arrow-headed ascended ass-headed astounded attended back-handed bad-minded bald-headed balustraded banded barded bare-headed barehanded barricaded base-minded bastarded bastinaded beaded bearded beclouded bedded bended beplaided berailroaded bespaded big-headed binded black-headed bladed blended blinded blindfolded blockaded blockheaded blooded bloody-minded boarded bonded bother-headed boulevarded bounded braided branded brayded breaded breded breended brended brerded brinded brocaded brokaded broken-winded brooded budded buffle-headed builded bullheaded bussle-headed butt-ended cack-handed chuckle-headed clear-headed clodded co-branded codded cold-blooded colded cool-headed crack-headed crack-winded cruded curded deaded ded deeded degraded descended divided dodded dog-headed double-handed double-headed double-minded dreaded dull-headed dunder-headed ear-minded egg-headed elded emended ended engraded eroded even-handed excluded expanded exploded extended faded feather-headed fiddle-headed fielded flooded folded founded four-handed free-handed friended fronded funded gelded gidded gilded girded golded gourded graded gridded guarded guided half-headed hammer-headed handed hard-handed hard-headed hard-wooded headed hidebounded hided high-handed high-headed high-minded hileded hoar-headed hoarded hooded hot-blooded hot-headed husbanded i-berded i-boded i-broded idle-headed inbrowded inlanded invalided iron-handed iron-headed iron-sided islanded jaded jolt-headed jolter-headed kack-handed katy-handed keck-handed kidded kinded laded landed lapsided larded large-handed leaded lee-boarded left-handed legended lended level-headed lidded light-handed light-headed light-minded loaded lobsided logger-headed long-headed long-sided long-winded lop-sided lopsided low-headed luggerheaded mad-headed madded maldescended many-headed many-sided masqueraded melded mended milded minded misgrounded misguided misintended misminded mob-handed mooded motor-minded moulded mounded muddle-headed multibladed multisided mylded myriaded nail-headed narrow-minded neat-handed noble-minded noded nonleaded not-headed off-handed one-handed one-sided open-handed open-headed orcharded ounded outsided ownded padded parded peroxided petty-minded pigheaded pin-headed plaided podded ponded pounded pretended propeller-headed provided puzzle-headed ram-headed ramble-headed randed re-ascended rebranded recommended red-banded red-bearded red-blooded red-handed red-headed reeded retarded rewarded rided right-handed right-minded right-sided rinded roaded rodded roded room-handed round-headed rounded rug-headed sadded sanded scabbarded scalded scatterheaded secluded second-handed seeded self-defended shaded sharded shatter-headed shedded shended shielded short-handed short-winded shredded shrouded sided silver-headed simple-minded single-handed single-minded six-sided slab-sided slap-headed sledded sleided small-headed smooth-headed snooded sober-minded sodded soft-headed soft-wooded sounded speeded spreaded spring-headed stag-headed star-headed steeded steel-headed stipended stockaded stounded studded subsided succeeded sueded super-unleaded surrecompounded surrounded suspended swarded sworded tedded tended tender-minded thick-headed thorough-winded threaded three-headed three-sided tided tough-minded traded tri-bladed tri-vided triple-headed tweeded two-handed two-headed two-sided un-backboarded unabraded unaccorded unadded unaided unamended unapplauded unapprehended unascended unattended unavoided unawarded unbanded unbarded unbearded unbeclouded unbedded unbefriended unbeheaded unbended unblended unblinded unblooded unboarded unbonded unbounded unbraided unbranded unbroaded unbroided unbudded unbuilded uncarded unchilded uncircumcided unclouded uncommanded uncommended uncommoded uncrowded uncrudded uncuckolded undecided undecompounded undeeded undefended undiffaded undisbanded undreaded unended unexceeded unexcluded unexpanded unexpended unfaded unfended unfolded unforded unforeboded unfounded unfriended unfunded ungarlanded ungelded ungilded ungirded ungoaded ungodded ungraded ungrounded unguarded unguided unguilded unhazarded unheaded unheeded unheralded unherded unhided unhoarded unhooded unhusbanded unihoded unimpeded unimpounded unjaded unkneaded unlanded unlarded unleaded unneeded unoffended unsanded untedded unteinded unupbraided unwadded unwarded unyerded unyielded upheaded vended vizarded voided wadded wanded warded weak-handed weak-headed weak-minded wedded weeded welded well-accorded wended winded woaded wooded woolly-headed worded worlded wounded wrong-headed y-colded yarded ybedded yblynded yconfounded ydodded yended yfonded yfounded ygladed ygrounded yhaded yharded yhoded yielded ymylded ypavylounded yscalded yspended ystuded ywarded ywounded