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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Graham allowed himself a small, lopsided grin at that thought.
▪ His pride in her was distorted by his anxious, lopsided grin.
▪ a lopsided vote on the abortion bill
▪ a note written in a child's lopsided handwriting
▪ His whole face was lopsided, one cheek badly scarred.
▪ She gave me a lopsided smile.
▪ At length they came to another smaller gate, flanked by a gloriously lopsided storybook cottage.
▪ It also led to the creation of a lopsided system in line with the structure of medical priorities and values.
▪ She notices she has made a mistake and begins unraveling a lopsided yellow row.
▪ The lopsided final score may suggest an easy victory.
▪ The Raiders wiped out the Washington Redskins, 38-9, in what then was the most lopsided victory in history.
▪ There was something odd about her too-a slight stumble in her walk, a lopsided look to her face.
▪ Why are women drawn in such lopsided numbers to pentecostalism?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lopsided \Lop"sid`ed\, a. [Lop + side. Cf. Lobsided.]

  1. Leaning to one side because of some defect of structure; as, a lopsided ship.

  2. Unbalanced; poorly proportioned; having much more on one side than the other; -- also used metaphorically; as, a lopsided victory.

  3. Full of idiosyncrasies.
    --J. S. Mill.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also lop-sided, 1711, originally lapsided, first used of ships; from lop (v.2) + side (n.). Related: Lopsidedly; lopsidedness.


a. Not even or balanced; not the same on one side as on the other.

  1. adj. out of proportion in shape [syn: ill-proportioned, one-sided]

  2. turned or twisted toward one side; "a...youth with a gorgeous red necktie all awry"- G.K.Chesterton; "his wig was, as the British say, skew-whiff" [syn: askew, awry(p), cockeyed, wonky, skew-whiff]

Usage examples of "lopsided".

The giant gave a lopsided smile and held Ager by the shoulders, pinning him down.

His mouth was fine, almost thin, and tilted at the moment in a lopsided grin that made him look younger than Alec would have guessed before.

De la Faille is too valuable to Willem, as you pointed out just now in your lopsided manner.

A wedding picture, the bride with the veil raised above her face, Houk with the mustache much smaller, older couples flanking them, A picture of Brigham on a horse, his smile strained and lopsided.

It was lopsided, as though rusty, yet it lightened his face, took ten years off his looks, displayed fine, even teeth land a dimple in his cheek .

And yet, having been aboard that foreshortened, eerie ship, with its pile operating to the very limit of safety, its lopsided passengers moveless as in death, he had a feeling that some factor was being neglected.

LOW ORBIT Bork thought Raion looked something like a lopsided boomerang, fatter on the bottom than the top, thick with greenery.

Chapter FOUR FROM LOW ORBIT Bork thought Raion looked something like a lopsided boomerang, fatter on the bottom than the top, thick with greenery.

When the car pulled alongside him and the passenger asked for a word, Rivlin broke into a lopsided run.

It was the living men she feared, Weese and Ser Gregor Clegane and Lord Tywin Lannister himself, who kept his apartments in Kingspyre Tower, still the tallest and mightiest of all, though lopsided beneath the weight of the slagged stone that made it look like some giant half-melted black candle.

His hulking, lopsided figure, cloaked in a heavy bearskin, was silhouetted against the blazing fire.

Sometimes his face puckered enough to bare his teeth in a curious lopsided humourless smile.

At first my efforts were clumsy, lopsided blobs that clung perversely to the mandrels, the fine metal rods that kept a hole in the middle.

Sebastian turned his smile on her, and she could only focus on that lopsided curve of his pouty lips.

Yes, love, and I could have bundled all this scrungy stuff into Brenda-that is little green Brenda over there, my dear lopsided auto-and gone Laundromating with a lot of gratitude for the benefits of civilization and so on.