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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a further/additional/added disadvantage
▪ It’s a very small garden and it has the further disadvantage of facing north.
added bonus
▪ He promised to take me to the match, with the added bonus of an afternoon off school.
▪ The danger of being caught added a certain zest to the affair.
an added advantage (=an extra advantage)
▪ Candidates with experience in Sales and Marketing would have an added advantage.
an extra/added incentive
▪ The cash prize gives contestants an added incentive to do well.
an extra/added/additional/further dimension
▪ Movies soon had the added dimension of sound.
the added novelty of sth
▪ You can attend the recording of the show, and get the added novelty of watching a radio programme being made.
▪ Commercial awareness and an interest in sales and marketing would be an added advantage.
▪ This has the added advantage of making a nice contrast to the night scenes in the previous sequence.
▪ And that would have the added advantage of being able to hop from one creature to another.
▪ It drapes beautifully and is consequently most suitable for curtains, with the added advantage that it is not affected by sunlight.
▪ These audio-visual methods have the added advantage of being independent of the availability of the system.
▪ This would have the added advantage of bringing some employment to rural areas.
▪ Inkjet printers provide a similar facility but with the added advantage of colour.
▪ He finds Miriam appealing and she holds for him the added attraction of being married and committed herself.
▪ But it gave an added attraction to the plenary session anyway.
▪ Avoid situations where you are merely an added attraction or gimmick!
▪ The event is suitable for all the family and added attractions will include craft, food and collector's fairs.
▪ Sunday trading is an added attraction.
▪ The new relationship combines the pleasure of intimate friendship with the added benefits of a close and shared past.
▪ There is the added benefit of a garage with additional parking.
▪ What's more there is the added benefits of calcium and iron.
▪ Now there exists the real possibility to acquire these aircraft with the added benefit of an instalment purchase plan.
▪ Paying cash had the added benefit of leaving no record of our visit except a pencilled telephone booking under two untraceable names.
▪ An added benefit, they say, is that it offers a lifeline to the unemployed.
▪ For added benefit stretch your chin up as you do the exercise.
▪ This provides tax relief of 30 percent on large donations, an added benefit that goes directly to charities.
▪ The safety and durability that have become Volvo hallmarks are an added bonus, though anti-lock brakes are an extra £595.
▪ The truly neat Cal Schenkel cover is an added bonus, by the way.
▪ The attachments are an added bonus.
▪ That they all do so with big doses of customer appeal is an added bonus.
▪ Both should regard this as an added bonus rather than an outcome to be expected. 6.
▪ This was just a little added bonus - Alan also received a 27 percent pay rise.
▪ Then if anything did happen, it would simply be an added bonus.
▪ Shop around for one which has the added bonus of sun filters for protection.
▪ Most people, even with the added burden of credit commitments, manage to remain solvent.
▪ In fact they may bear an added burden of guilt.
▪ These are added burdens on the charge payer which are no fault of his own.
▪ Financial problems can become an added burden and anxiety to the daughter at home.
▪ Yet they had an added burden.
▪ International investment involves the added dimension of dealing in foreign currencies, providing the opportunity for additional profits.
▪ Recently, of course, there has been an added dimension - part media-and-politician inflated, part real: drugs.
▪ Others find that amplified vibration opens a whole new field of perception, an added dimension from which information can be gathered.
▪ To me there is an added dimension if that new country is of a similar type to my own habitat - islands.
▪ In the public sector there is also the added dimension of the politician-official relationship.
▪ Below: Satin or embroidered ribbons, brocades, bows and tassels can all give added dimension and interest to pictures.
▪ However, the proposals for added emphasis paragraphs in respect of disclosures about inherent uncertainties have a number of drawbacks.
▪ The inclusion of added emphasis paragraphs would also undermine the clarity of audit reporting.
▪ This view received added impetus from the proposal to construct the Trans-Siberian Railway.
▪ Rejects from London have an added incentive for putting their talents on show.
▪ A course available specifically designed for their needs at which they will meet others of their own age is an added incentive.
▪ In many cases, that has given the family an added incentive and advantage.
▪ As an added incentive, two complimentary tickets for the evening's disco are being offered for the winning entry.
▪ Impressive night time shots provided added interest at many locations.
▪ How to present them Sometimes a creative approach can give added interest to the pack.
▪ This story has an added interest.
▪ By contrast older established partners may be less keen on expansion in view of the added pressures it will produce.
▪ It would put added pressure on institutions to make up their holdings by buying in the market.
▪ Portsmouth accumulated just 55 disciplinary points despite the added pressure of chasing twin honours.
▪ In Bellingham's case, there is the added pressure of impressive advance billing from his ex-clubmate Lineen.
▪ When teenage children are involved, as full-time or part-time members of the new family, there is considerable added pressure.
▪ There was the added problem that the whole process was very public.
▪ For many of us there are the added problems of the other commitments that are normal at this time of our lives.
▪ Apart from your loss of property, you then have the added problem of changing every lock in the house.
▪ An added problem in this case was that she was too old to give unsworn testimony.
▪ Therefore there was an added problem in bringing jobs to West Belfast.
▪ It also gives the new caretaker a chance to settle to his tasks without the added problem of learning switchboard.
▪ One tablet daily will help give added protection during winter and throughout the school year.
▪ For added protection, fit hinge bolts.
▪ Take a daily dose of beta carotene which your body turns into vitamin A, as added protection for sensitive skin.
▪ A small weather flap with a pull drawcord gives added protection at the top of the main compartment.
▪ And you enjoy extra, added protection for your family.
▪ Manufacturers are reducing or removing sugars from baby foods, so go for those with no added sugar.
▪ Carnation Milk contains no added sugar or preservatives, just concentrated fresh milk.
▪ Fruit juices contain natural sugars anyway, so added sugar may only have the effect of making your child expect oversweet drinks.
▪ These are made with concentrated fruit juices, and contain added vitamin C, with no added sugar.
▪ Some manufacturers are now producing juices with no artificial preservatives or added sugar - delicious and lower in calories too.
▪ In other words, interactivity brings a vital element of added value to all electronic information, whether multimedia or not.
▪ I used to pour the orange juice, which represented the added value in our products, into four separate glasses.
▪ Items with high added value would only be subcontracted if there were insurmountable problems of some sort in making it in-house.
▪ Where fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals with high added value can be produced by biotechnology there will be rapid developments.
▪ Will he today resist the introduction of the 75p per minute further added value services now suggested?
▪ This Week - give super added value.
▪ Remember also that many hotels offer added value at certain times of year.
▪ In many cases the additional information simply added weight to what has already been dealt with in the attitude scales.
▪ An added bonus of holding your wedding reception at home is the lower cost.
▪ Buy a high-factor sun lotion, and wear a hat for added protection.
▪ The new computer is as good as the old one, with the added advantage of being smaller.
▪ We now have the added expense of having two kids in college.
▪ By contrast older established partners may be less keen on expansion in view of the added pressures it will produce.
▪ Food giant Hillsdown Holdings added 8p to 130p after a maintained dividend forecast and boardroom shake-up.
▪ In all departments staff who show added ability will be given training and promotion.
▪ In the imagination, of course, there is an added pleasure from recognition of the resemblance between the imitation and the original.
▪ Now, they say, future battles will be waged on features and added value.
▪ The element of risk gave it an added excitement.
▪ The result is added comfort to your game.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

added \added\ adj. 1. being in addition [to something else] [Narrower terms: accessorial ] additional, further(prenominal), more(prenominal) --- (used with mass nouns: "takes on added significance"; "asked for additional help"; "we have further information"; "there will be further delays"; "kids have more fun than anybody") [Narrower terms: {another(prenominal), other(prenominal), else(postnominal), extra, intercalary] [Narrower terms: superimposed ] [Narrower terms: {supplementary, supplemental ] [Narrower terms: {value-added ] {subtracted

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"additional," c.1600, past participle adjective from add (v.).


vb. (en-past of: add)


adj. combined or joined to increase in size or quantity or scope; "takes on added significance"; "an added attraction" [ant: subtracted]

Usage examples of "added".

Seven or eight days afterwards, Paterno told me that the actress had related the affair to him exactly in the same words which I had used, and she had added that, if I had ceased my visits, it was only because I was afraid of her taking me at my word in case I should renew my proposal.

It is very natural for me to suppose that to the two thoughtless acts of which you have been guilty, you have added another not less serious, namely, that of having boasted of your exploits with the other nuns, and I do not want to be the butt of your jokes in cell or parlour.

The doctor added that I would have died long before, had not nature, in its wish for life, assisted itself, and he concluded by stating that the cause of the thickness of my blood could only be ascribed to the air I was breathing and that consequently I must have a change of air, or every hope of cure be abandoned.

A year ago I told him that I had a son who was preparing himself for the Church, but that I had not the means of keeping him during his studies, and he promised that my son would become his own child, if I could obtain for him from the queen a bishopric in his native country, and he added that it would be very easy to succeed if I could induce the sovereign to recommend him to her daughter, the queen of Naples.

He added that the existence of God could be useful only to those who did not entertain a doubt of that existence, and that, as a natural consequence, Atheists must be the most miserable of men.

She added that, being impatient to know what I thought of her, she had asked me to translate to the captain what she had expressed respecting her resolution, knowing that he could neither oppose that resolution nor continue to live with her, and that, as she had taken care not to include me in the prayer which she had addressed to him through me, she had thought it impossible that I should fail to ask whether I could be of some service to her, waiting to take a decision until she could have ascertained the nature of my feelings towards her.

She added that I could, if I liked, see her that same evening in her box, and that M.

It was added that I frequented the society of foreign ministers, and that living as I did with three noblemen, it was certain that I revealed, for the large sums which I was seen to lose, as many state secrets as I could worm out of them.

After he had pronounced the sacramental words which take away the sins of men, he advised me to retire to the chamber he had appointed for me, to pass the rest of the day in prayer, and to go to bed at an early hour, but he added that I could have supper if I was accustomed to that meal.

She added that as the bishop was away, and she was unable to send the lay-sisters without his permission, they could not start for a week or ten days.

She added that I was more to be pitied than condemned, and that she did not love me less.

I have already stated that my mistress was dressed most elegantly, but I ought to have added that it was the elegance of the Graces, and that it did not in any way prevent ease and simplicity.

He expressed his deep sorrow when I told him that in Naples I had not been able to find any instructions to enable me to join him, but his face lighted up again when I added that I was indebted to no one for money, and that I was in good health.

He added that his wife knew my ode by heart, and that she had read it to the intended husband of Angelique, who had a great wish to make my acquaintance.

She added in her letter that, if I wished to accompany her to Naples, she would meet me anywhere I might appoint, but that, if I had any objection to return to that city, she would immediately refuse the brilliant offer, for her only happiness was to please me in all things.