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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aid \Aid\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Aided; p. pr. & vb. n. Aiding.] [F. aider, OF. aidier, fr. L. adjutare to help, freq. of adjuvare to help; ad + juvare to help. Cf. Adjutant.] To support, either by furnishing strength or means in co["o]peration to effect a purpose, or to prevent or to remove evil; to help; to assist.

You speedy helpers . . . Appear and aid me in this enterprise.

Syn: To help; assist; support; sustain; succor; relieve; befriend; co["o]perate; promote. See Help.


vb. (en-past of: aid)


adj. having help; often used as a combining form [syn: assisted] [ant: unassisted]

Usage examples of "aided".

Clearly you have aided and abetted a traitor to escape justice, and you will be remanded.

Kuhmbuhluhners on their big horses, aided and abetted, if the tales of the fugitives were to be believed, by bearded Ahrmehnee warriors and even Moon Maidens.

And now I am a recreant, and he who aided and abetted me in my asseverations of independence remains faithful.

Here was my wife, who had secretly aided and abetted her son in his design, and been the recipient of his hopes and fears on the subject, turning to me, who had dared to utter a feeble protest or two only to be scoffed at, and summarily sat upon, asking if the game was really safe.

We are also aided by chemistry in determining the exact abnormal condition of the kidneys by the detection of albumen, sugar, etc.

The Republicans had made a good showing in 1972, aided by the Nixon landslide, and they felt that if they could get enough absentee ballots thrown out, they might reverse the results of the local elections.

Today we remember the Lord of the Wind and how his magic aided us all, both you of Alata and we Romans shipwrecked upon your shores.

Enemy convoys passing to and from Africa must be attacked by our cruisers, destroyers, and submarines, aided by the Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force.

When he emerged to start, Biter was swinging off the wall by action of the wind and tide, aided by dockyarders in two pulling boats and a set of warps at stern.

Mycroft had once aided me too, though I did not know it at the time, when, disguised as a cabman, he had driven me to Victoria Station to meet Holmes for our flight from Moriarty in 1891.

By the time we pulled up to the right building, Q-Ball and Cher were exiting their cruisers aided by their uniformed chaperones.

Fatal hemorrhage had been avoided in this case by the formation of coagulum in the wound during the syncope immediately following the stab, possibly aided by extended exposure to cold.

In a three-day marathon of cryptanalysis, Manly, aided by Miss Rickert, perceived the pattern of this 12-step official transposition cipher, with its multiple horizontal shiftings of three- and four-letter plaintext groups ripped apart by a final vertical transcription.

That he himself was by no means free from superstition is proved by the fact that the condemnation of two unfortunate women, Amy Duny and Rose Cullender, for witchcraft at Norwich in 1664 was aided by his professional evidence.

Constrained by her fear of death to examine her own conscience, she saw plainly that by profiting by the crime of her niece she had been as culpable as if she had aided her in committing it.