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The Collaborative International Dictionary

folded \folded\ adj. made compact by bending or doubling over. [Narrower terms: accordion, plicate ; {bifold ; {closed ; {doubled ; {pleated ; {rolled, rolled-up(prenominal) ; {sunburst, sunray .] Also See: {collapsible, collapsable. Antonym: unfolded


vb. (en-past of: fold)


adj. bent over or doubled up so that one part lies on another; "a folded map"; "a folded tophat is collapsed"; "when a bird's wings are brought close to the body they are spoken of as folded" [ant: unfolded]

Usage examples of "folded".

Taim stood rigidly, facing the doors, and Taim himself was peering at the fireplace, arms folded across his chest.

Wise Ones were gathered, more than a dozen of them in their bulky skirts and white blouses and dark shawls, decked with necklaces and bracelets of gold and silver, gems and ivory, their long hair held back with folded scarves.

She simply looked at him, hands folded on the pommel of her saddle, until he went on.

They very likely wanted to, but their gloved hands remained folded on the pommels of their saddles, and neither betrayed impatience by so much as the flicker of an eyelid.

She was near enough bone-thin, with long sandy yellow hair held back by a dark folded kerchief, and more than a hand taller than Nynaeve, but that was who she always made him think of.

The wide folded kerchief that held back her long golden hair was brocaded red silk, and a thumb-thick circlet of gold and firedrops nestled over it.

Keeping her hands folded together in her sleeves made walking difficult, especially wading through snow, but it did keep them warm.

The clothes he had been wearing lay neatly folded on a banded travel chest that was carved and gilded within an inch of its life.

She was silent while he donned the other boot and folded the turndowns below his knees, not speaking until he had done up the laces of his shirt and was stuffing it into his breeches.

Zarya wore plain white and stayed a careful pace behind Vandene, hands folded meekly at their waists.

She gripped her braid, then let go and folded her arms tight across her chest, the fringe of her shawl swaying as she hugged herself.

A lean Kandori with a large pearl in her left ear and silver chains across her chest sat her saddle calmly, gloved hand folded on the pommel, maybe still unaware that her gray gelding and her wagon teams alike would be put into the lottery once she was into the city.

Selucia, standing placidly with her hands folded at her waist, certainly never turned a hair.

Miere woman in a gray dress was sitting on the side of a narrow bed, hands folded in her lap.

Arms folded, frowning, Darnella Shoran was watching several serving women sweep the green-tiled floor industriously.