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Usage examples of "lop-sided".

THE RIDE Peggy Davidson sat hunched up on a lop-sided pouf fe in front of the fire between her husband and the dark, sombre man who had, in some strange way, become part and parcel of their joint lives.

Cherry Quon and skinny, and something had either pushed his left shoulder down or his right shoulder up, making him lop-sided, and he had a sour face, a sour voice, and a sour taste.

A wind got up, rattling the palm fronds overhead, the moon leering down at us, more lop-sided than ever, and then at last there were shouts and the two Africans were back with an old fishing net full of tilapia, all gutted and cleaned.

Inn even unto the Fields are like tidal harbours at low water, where stranded proceedings, offices at anchor, idle clerks lounging on lop-sided stools that will not recover their perpendicular until the current of Term sets in, lie high and dry upon the ooze of the long vacation.