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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It was a rather one-sided affair.
▪ And like the new managers, the subordinates had advocated a rather one-sided view of those interface obligations.
▪ a one-sided victory
▪ Corcoran called the accusations unjust and one-sided.
▪ I'm amazed the paper would print such one-sided views.
▪ Newspapers often give a very one-sided account of political events.
▪ Finally, she could bear his one-sided possession no longer.
▪ Foreign publications have been criticised for alleged one-sided reporting and their correspondents have been denied visas.
▪ However, this is not an entirely one-sided movement.
▪ I gritted my teeth and decided it wasn't such a one-sided deal after all.
▪ In Georgetown, things were more one-sided.
▪ It's kind of a one-sided game until the whole field is in shadow.
▪ One, the game couldn't have been fixed because it was so utterly one-sided and tedious.
▪ This interaction of science and theology is not one-sided.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

One-sided \One`-sid"ed\, a.

  1. Having one side only, or one side prominent.

  2. Hence: Limited to one side; favoring one person or side over another; partial; unjust; unfair; as, a one-sided view or statement. [WordNet sense 5] ``Unguarded and one-sided language.''
    --T. Arnold.

    Syn: biased, colored, slanted.

  3. Having one team or party greatly superior; strongly favoring only one side; uneven; imbalanced; unequal; as, a one-sided contest; -- of contests, generally. [WordNet sense 4]

  4. (Bot.) Growing on one side of a stem; as, one-sided flowers.

  5. Using only one side, or having only one side usable; as, one-sided printing; one-sided film; -- used mostly of sheets of material used for printing or imaging.

  6. Performed by only one party or side; -- of actions directly affecting more than one party. Opposite of multilateral. [WordNet sense 2]

    Syn: unilateral (vs. bilateral).

  7. out of proportion in shape.

    Syn: ill-proportioned, lopsided.

  8. Not reversible or capable of having either side out; -- of cloth fabrics or clothing. Opposite of reversible.

    Syn: nonreversible. [WordNet 1.5] -- One`-sid"ed*ly, adv. -- One`-sid"ed*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1833, "dealing with one side of a question or dispute," from one + side (n.). Related: One-sidedly; one-sidedness.


a. 1 partial or biased in favour of one faction or demographic group 2 With one competitor dominant over the other

  1. adj. not reversible or capable of having either side out [syn: nonreversible] [ant: reversible]

  2. involving only one part or side; "unilateral paralysis"; "a unilateral decision" [syn: unilateral] [ant: multilateral, bilateral]

  3. out of proportion in shape [syn: ill-proportioned, lopsided]

  4. favoring one person or side over another; "a biased account of the trial"; "a decision that was partial to the defendant" [syn: biased, colored, coloured, slanted]

  5. excessively devoted to one faction [syn: biased]


One-sided may refer to:

  • Biased
  • One-sided argument, a logical fallacy
  • In calculus, one-sided limit, either of the two limits of a function of a real variable  as approaches a specified point
  • One-sided (algebra)
  • One-sided overhand bend, simple method of joining two cords or threads together
  • One-sided test, a statistical test

Usage examples of "one-sided".

There was a dull ache throughout his body, and for the first few moments he thought he was still in the storeroom, waiting for Marks and Akers to begin the next round of their one-sided prizefight.

A servant watched in befuddlement as they wandered past, the Animist carrying on a one-sided conversation with the rat in his hands.

With the one-sided exaggeration incident to most aphorisms, this is true.

I was aware that Mame was getting a too prolonged one-sided view of things again, but I had no way to change it.

For instance, if it is claimed in the name of supernaturalism and psychism that a man is unhappy because he is vicious, it is equivalent to making a one-sided statement.

He began to permit himself to be tackled simply to prevent the score from getting completely one-sided.

The Totipotent Man, that apotheosis of individuality and complete psychosomatic development, the democratic Vber-mensch, as recommended by Rex Luscus, the sexually one-sided?

Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer did those blatantly one-sided programs about gay adoption and gay parenting?

The man liked the European costume, and ere long Passepartout issued from his shop accoutred in an old Japanese coat, and a sort of one-sided turban, faded with long use.

Where such manifestations spring from a one-sided sentiment, as was the case, I fear, with John and Portia, they are apt to be more terrifying than reassuring to the non--or wrong-sided one.

After extended discussion Hindenburg proposed to Hitler that he should declare himself ready to co-operate with the other parties, in particular with the Right and Center, and that he should give up the one-sided idea that he must have complete power.

The third round began as usual, one-sided, with Sandel doing all the leading, and delivering all the punishment.

When my mother intervened in the ensuing one-sided struggle between her crippled son and the Featherman, Sensar stabbed her.

I thought of my mother in her coffin beneath the ground, of the profound silence that must reign in that dark space, broken only by the sounds of decomposition, or perhaps the echoes of footfalls from above, faint, murmurous voices carrying on one-sided conversations as the flesh melted from her bones and her bones crumbled to dust, until all that was left of her was held in the air like a last breath never to be released, a final secret forever unwhispered to any living soul.

To be sure, the answer to Eurocentric textbooks is not one-sided Afrocentric history, the kind that has Africans inventing everything good and whites inventing slavery and oppression.