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The Collaborative International Dictionary

blockaded \blockaded\ adj. having access obstructed by emplacement of a barrier, or by threat of force.

Syn: barricaded, barred.


vb. (en-past of: blockade)


adj. preventing entry or exit or a course of action; "a barricaded street"; "barred doors"; "the blockaded harbor" [syn: barricaded, barred]

Usage examples of "blockaded".

But none of them could guarantee him a safe passage to any port on the blockaded coast.

The Rebels blockaded a ford in such a way that it was almost impossible for a horse to keep his feet.

If, therefore, with a view to violate such blockade, a vessel shall approach or shall attempt to leave either of the said ports, she will be duly warned by the commander of one of the blockading vessels, who will indorse on her register the fact and date of such warning, and if the same vessel shall again attempt to enter or leave the blockaded port, she will be captured and sent to the nearest convenient port, for such proceedings against her and her cargo, as prize, as may be deemed advisable.

Second: that vessels and domestic produce from Norfolk, permitted by the military commandant at Fort Monroe for the military purposes of his command, shall on his permit be allowed to pass from said port to their destination in any port not blockaded by the United States.

Then these steamers will almost certainly put in at Nassau or the Bermudas, if not for coal and supplies, at least to obtain the latest intelligence from the blockaded coast, and to pick up a pilot for the port to which they are bound.

Lafayette to blockade him on the land side, while a French squadron blockaded him by sea.

In consequence of this movement Nelson blockaded that port, and landed a force in the isle of Elba, in order to secure Porto Ferrajo.

During this year the island of Malta, which had been blockaded for more than two years, was surrendered to Major-general Pigot.

A British squadron, however, blockaded the mouths of those rivers, which measure caused such distress to Hamburg and Bremen, that they appealed to the King of Prussia for protection, as one of those sovereigns who guarded the neutrality of the empire.

Lord Colling-wood blockaded the port of Toulon as closely as he could consistently with his efforts to second the Spanish patriots in their noble cause, which double duty was imposed upon him by the British Government.

In ordinary weather, at the season when the Essex was thus blockaded, the harbor is quiet through the night until the forenoon, when the southerly wind prevailing outside works its way in to the anchorage and blows freshly till after sundown.

On the Texas coast, however, blockade-running properly so called--the entrance, that is, of blockaded Confederate harbors--was a small matter compared with the flourishing contraband trade carried on through the Mexican port Matamoras and across the Rio Grande.

In horses, mules, and vehicles the richer North wore out the poorer and blockaded South.

With the whole Gulf coast blockaded and the three great ports in Union hands, with the Mississippi a Union stream from source to sea, and with Sherman firmly set in the northwest flank of Georgia, Hood made the last grand sortie from the beleaguered South.

Between its blockaded and garrisoned coast on one side and its sixty-mile swath of devastation through the heart of Georgia on the other it might as well have been a shipless island.