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Word usage examples

There were no permanent buildings, only domelike yurts of white and black spread out in the shallow bowl of a valley.

Judging by the dirty exteriors, Koja doubted the yurts were bright and cheery inside.

Beyond the fence Koja saw five large yurts, bigger than any he had passed.

The squat yurts of Quaraband stretched out below in a rough oval, following the course of river.

I rode for three weeks, but I did not hurry and stopped many days in the yurts of my cousins along the way.

They walked through the icy mud, out the gate, and past yurts until they reached the horse pens outside the capital.

Throughout the day, yurts disappeared from the valley as preparations were made to move out.

A few yurts were standing here and there, tents of the khans, but the bulk of the army simply slept under the stars.

The yurts filled the narrow valley floor, and dotted among the tents were herds of horses.

Otherwise they just dismantled the yurts like tents and carried them folded up.