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n. (plural of port English)

Ports (comarca)

Ports is a comarca in the province of Castellón, Valencian Community, Spain. It mostly overlaps the historical comarca known as Ports de Morella , except for the municipal areas surrounding Catí and Vilafranca that were excluded from the present-day Ports comarca.

Usage examples of "ports".

They produced an instance of an English ship, lately driven by stress of weather into one of the ports of the Spanish West Indies, where she was searched, seized and condemned, under this pretence.

State Department in watchlisting suspected terrorists and with the intelligence community and the FBI in determining how to deal with them when they appeared at ports of entry.

Millions of containers are imported annually through more than 300 sea and river ports served by more than 3,700 cargo and passenger terminals.

In the English Channel ports, masses of ships were assembling and rehearsing for the long-awaited invasion and liberation of Europe.

Shelly had done okay until the Healer had left two ports ago, to be replaced by a simple robotic medkit.

The ports themselves were easy enough targets, but the weapons within were on disappearing carriages and popped up only long enough to fire.

Here, on the contrary, I have but to pick up what man has lost--and not only in Vigo Bay, but in a thousand other ports where shipwrecks have happened, and which are marked on my submarine map.

I am instructing the authorities at all ports east of Suez to apprehend one of your second-class passengers, should he leave the ship.

Ancient sailors in those taverns talked much of distant ports, and told many stories of the curious men from twilight Inquanok, but had little to add to what the seamen of the galleon had told.

And in the end they parted each with his own conviction, and Carter went back through the bronze gate into Celephais and down the Street of Pillars to the old sea wall, where he talked more with the mariners of far ports and waited for the dark ship from cold and twilight Inquanok, whose strange-faced sailors and onyx-traders had in them the blood of the Great Ones.

At Vienna, the empress-queen was not more solicitous in promoting the trade and internal manufactures of her dominions, by sumptuary regulations, necessary restrictions on foreign superfluities, by opening her ports in the Adriatic, and giving proper encouragement to commerce, than she was careful and provident in reforming the economy of her finances, maintaining a respectable body of forces, and guarding, by defensive alliances, against the enterprise of his Prussian majesty, on whose military power she looked with jealousy and distrust.

In other respects, the trade and navigation of the English to the ports of Spain were regulated by former treaties.

At Brest, and other ports in that kingdom, the French were employed in equipping a powerful armament, and made no scruple to own it was intended for North America.

English ports soon began to be filled with them, in consequence of the general orders for making reprisals.

English vessels were seized in the different ports of that kingdom, and their crews sent to prison.