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n. (plural of fort English)

Usage examples of "forts".

The only settlers who had not fled to the protection of the palisaded forts were the grand old seigniors, the new nobility of New France, whose mansions were like forts in themselves, palisaded, with stone bastions and water supply and yards for stock and mills inside the walls.

He was to offer to found a line of forts establishing French dominion from Lake Ontario to the valley of the Mississippi, which Jolliet had just explored.

Supplies for the Mississippi had been stopped, and officers were on their way to seize the forts there.

Bay Company vessels for Port Nelson, and there took over from young Chouart the French forts with 20,000 pounds worth of furs for the English company.

French now had thirty prisoners, a good ship, two forts, but no provisions.

The loopholes of his palisades bristled with muskets and heavy guns that set the bullets flying soon as De Troyes arrived and tried to land the cannon captured from the other forts for assault on Albany.

Maricourt Le Moyne held the newly captured forts on the south shore of James Bay till Iberville came back overland in 1687.

The bushrovers had already seized English forts and were even now scouring the country for English traders.

Sir William Johnson strings a line of forts up the Mohawk River towards Oswego on Lake Ontario, and he keeps his forest rangers, under the famous scout Major Robert Rogers, scouring the forest and mountain trails of Lake Champlain for French marauder and news of what the French are doing.

Niagara had fallen before the English, and the forts on Lake Champlain were abandoned to Amherst.

Isle and all that chain of forts leading southwestward to the Mississippi.

French fur traders, cast out of the western forts and now roaming the wilds, fanned the flame, gave presents of gunpowder and firearms to the savages, and egged the hostiles on against the new possessors of Canada, in order to divert the fur trade to French traders still in Louisiana.

However, the American rovers take no permanent occupation of the different forts on the falls of the Richelieu River, preferring rather to overrun the parishes, dispatching secret spies and waiting for the habitants to rally.

He rushes his troops, six hundred and ninety out of eight hundred men, up the Richelieu to hold the forts at Chambly and St.

It was but as a side clap of the great American Revolution that the last French cannon were pointed against the English forts on Hudson Bay.