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n. (plural of cart English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cart)

Carts (film)

Carts (2007), directed by Chris Cashman, premiered at The Valley Film Festival, where it won the "10 Degrees Hotter" Award for Best Feature Film.

Usage examples of "carts".

There were no land vehicles other than animal-drawn carts of the crudest type.

The patrol carts were little more than powered platforms for the two men seated on them, but they were effective mobile sentry units.

Despite occasional loads of sand and pebbles to improve the footing and provide traction for the heavy carts, the roadway was slippery with mud.

I even did some of the farm animals that were hauling the carts up the road to the castle.

But there were air-cushion carts being angled through the wider doorways, proving that some serious trading would be done.

She did ask for details of the mine problem - a line of ore carts had slipped off the cable, causing an obstruction in the shaft which Afra and the Tower folk were able to shift so there was no significant loss of time.

They clicked and clacked when we showed them where we'd located the new lodes, and the next thing they had adit, shafts and quotas all drawn out for us, and the quantities of materials they'd need for shoring, what track, carts, cranes, stuff they evidently knew they didn't have to bring.

As they were given clearance and descended, they could see heavy vehicles drawing numerous, and immense, carts of ore toward the main depot, for that was what Kris decided it must be.

Chuck had some fresh goods in the galley, having enjoyed the daily haggle with the scruffy providers who brought their carts and baskets around to the occupied vehicles.

Within was cocooned equipment-ore carts, picks, shovels, all kinds of hand tools, as well as an array of tough plas props for tunnel supports.

Such belongings as the refugees had brought with them were now piled at the side of the guard house or in the barrows or carts lined up behind.

They'd even pulled up the rails for their ore carts, and' the brackets where they must have hung lights.

A creaking of wheeled carts and the familiar sluff-sluff of plate-footed burden beasts reached his ears.

A great many carts, too, Piemur thought, for a Nabol Gather when there was another, better one at Fort Hold.

Then three carts, heavily laden to judge by the straining of the burden beasts strug gling up the ramp, forced the smithmaster to one side.