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n. (plural of tort English)

Usage examples of "torts".

Clay Carter, the so-called newest King of Torts, received a taste of his own medicine yesterday when he was sued by some disgruntled clients.

He had read about mass torts but had no idea its practitioners were such an organized and specialized group.

Lawyers in the bunch wanted to talk about the joys of mass torts while pressing close to Ridley.

Mass torts are a scam, a consumer rip-off, a lottery driven by greed that will one day harm all of us.

Kings of Torts would be hauled in and stripped naked before the juries.

Clay Carter, the King of Torts, who, as we all know, has never tried a tort case.

She was in my torts class last fall and has spent most of her time since on her twin loves: our legal-aid clinic, where she helps welfare mothers avoid eviction, and her collection of statistics, by which she hopes to show that the white race is headed for self-destruction, a prospect that gladdens her.

I must schedule makeup classes for torts and for my seminar, which I am missing for this entire week, and still find time to finish the overdue revised draft of my article on mass tort litigation for the law review, which I originally planned to pursue this past weekend.

As I sat in my office preparing for my torts class following the baffling conversation with Stuart Land, I felt its call.

Avery Knowland, whose attendance at my torts class has grown spotty and who has largely ceased to participate.

Stuart Land has agreed to cover my torts class until I get back, and has already called three times, distressed by the disorganization of my lesson plan and my office, and offering to repair both.

It was Martha who sent us off the rails with her torts and malfeasances.

Kings of Torts Ron Motley, Dickie Scruggs, Joe Rice, and Bob Montgomery.

Clearly these things had all been part of his curriculum, right along with torts and constitutional law.