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The Aerts (also spelled Aarts) was a Dutch automobile manufactured in 1899; a small number of cars are known to have been built at Dongen, but little else seems to be known about the marque.

The manufacturer also advertised as "Neerlandia, the first Dutch car", although "Groninger" and Eysink were earlier.

Aerts (surname)

Aerts is a Dutch patronymic surname that is particularly common in Belgium. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Aerts (born 1956), American powerlifting and bench press champion
  • Diederik Aerts (born 1974), Belgian theoretical physicist
  • Egidius Aerts (1822-1853), Belgian flautist and composer
  • Jean Aerts (1907–1992), Belgian road bicycle racer who specialized as a sprinter
  • Jean-Marie Aerts (born 1951), Belgian guitarist and producer
  • Kathleen Aerts (born 1978), Belgian singer in Flemish girl group K3
  • Maikel Aerts (born 1976), Dutch football goalkeeper
  • Mario Aerts (born 1974), Belgian road bicycle racer
  • Nelly Aerts (born 1962), Belgian long-distance runner
  • Nelson Aerts (born 1963), Brazilian tennis player
  • Peter Aerts (born 1970), Dutch kickboxer and martial artist
  • Philippe Aerts (born 1964), Belgian jazz double bassist
  • Remieg Aerts (born 1957), Dutch historian
  • Sara Aerts (born 1984), Belgian heptathlete