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Crossword clues for warts


n. (plural of wart English)

Usage examples of "warts".

She told me the warts had been treated chemically several times and removed surgically, but they kept returning.

Jane agreed, applied Total Mind Power, and within two weeks her warts had disappeared.

He watched other circles grow into warts, get ripe, burst, shoot out those spindles.

Grassi, but when he came to look for those strange doings of the circles and warts and spindle-shaped threads in the stomachs and saliva-glands of his she-anopheles, he found that Ronald Ross was exactly right!

Rann Kennedy, who might have been famous if he had ever committed to paper the long poems that he carried about in his head, and the engaging sight of Irving playing the flute for the little Van Warts to dance.

Its cracked and wrinkled flesh, wattled skin, callused lips, blisters, warts, and array of scars seemed to indicate great age.

And with her he could truly be himself, expose himself, warts and all, and in a way he had never been able to do with any other woman.