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n. (plural of fart English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fart)

Usage examples of "farts".

Madonna turns her back to the audience, bends over and farts purple ectoplasm at them.

Just as he supposed he could stand it no longer, when the noises and fumes of regurgitated gases and thunderous farts became too noxious even for his seasoned nose, with a soft sigh the widow quietly awakened and proceeded to open the hamper on her lap.

Fishermen, men and women both, who monopolized the chamber walls where the Air was slightly less polluted by the grunts and farts of others.

The Air-pigs whose farts would power the vessel could be seen through the windows, lumps of straining, harnessed energy.

Air-pig was efficient enough to enable it to generate farts for many days on very little food.

Air-pigs, feeding and patiently soothing as their farts drove the turbine.

Corestuff, the slowly leaking stink of Air-pig farts, all seemed unbearably primitive in this chamber of Ur-human miracles.

And this time, with most of his fellow Farts pushing seventy or more, maybe it would end without major trouble for somebody.

The crew above called out profane warnings that, as Chip hauled on the rope, their combined weights were too great to be held by three old farts and a woman.

The complex of gym and field house had been erected in 1919, less than a year before she was born: what Jenny smelled was almost forty years of the forced farts and the sweat of boys under stress and strain.

Seventy years ago, the vast majority of old farts who somehow managed to make it to the age I am now were almost always living on the outer edges of decrepitude.

They were taped interviews, thirty years old now, with a number of the old guys and gals, talking about their experiences in the days of early development: the majority of those had been conducted here on the Moon, but others had taken place on Earth or Mars or wherever else any of those old farts ended up.

Jonesy had heard some loud farts in his time, some long ones, too, but nothing like this.

You could only compare it to farts because there was nothing else even close.