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The Collaborative International Dictionary

parts \parts\ (p[aum]rts), n. pl. The local environment; as, he hasn't been seen around these parts in years.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"personal qualities, gifts of ability," 1560s, from part (n.).


n. 1 (plural of part English) 2 (context plural only English) intellectual ability or learning 3 (context plural only usually with “these” colloquial English) vicinity, region 4 (context plural only euphemistic English) The male genitals. vb. (en-third-person singular of: part)


n. the local environment; "he hasn't been seen around these parts in years"

Parts (book)

Parts is a children's book written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold. It was first published on September 1, 1997. Written in rhyme with cartoon-like watercolor illustrations, Parts is the first in Arnold's trilogy on the theme of body parts. It was followed by More Parts in 2001 and Even More Parts in 2004. In 1998, it won the "Tellable" Stories for Ages 4–7 Award (Storytelling World) and in 1999, the Colorado Children's Book Award.

Usage examples of "parts".

Christianity, in the different parts of the empire, during the space of ten years, which elapsed between the first edicts of Diocletian and the final peace of the church.

To suppress the idolaters, reunite the schismatics, and confute the unbelievers, by the infallible decision of a general council, the pious Artaxerxes summoned the Magi from all parts of his dominions.

It is in this sublime Gothic architecture of his work, in which the boundless range, the infinite variety, the, at first sight, incongruous gorgeousness of the separate parts, nevertheless are all subordinate to one main and predominant idea, that Gibbon is unrivalled.

He had observed that the island is almost divided into two unequal parts by the opposite gulfs, or, as they are now called, the Friths of Scotland.

Cevennes, that, in the time of Strabo, it was thought impossible to ripen the grapes in those parts of Gaul.

Deprived of this clear and comprehensive estimate, we are reduced to collect a few imperfect hints from such of the ancients as have accidentally turned aside from the splendid to the more useful parts of history.

The strength of the legions had been assembled by Alexander from all parts of the empire.

Forts were constructed in several parts of the country, and a Roman garrison was fixed in the strong town of Nisibis.

It has been supposed that Pannonia, that Gaul, that the northern parts of Germany, gave birth to that celebrated colony of warriors.

To chastise domestic tyrants, and to reunite the dismembered parts of the empire, was a task reserved for the second of those warlike emperors.

The Persian monarch pleaded the laws of hospitality, and with some difficulty avoided a war, by the promise that he would banish Mamgo to the uttermost parts of the West, a punishment, as he described it, not less dreadful than death itself.

Four streets, intersecting each other at right angles, divided the several parts of this great edifice, and the approach to the principal apartment was from a very stately entrance, which is still denominated the Golden Gate.

By comparing the present remains with the precepts of Vitruvius, the several parts of the building, the baths, bed-chamber, the atrium, the basilica, and the Cyzicene, Corinthian, and Egyptian halls have been described with some degree of precision, or at least of probability.

They still insisted with inflexible rigor on those parts of the law which it was in their power to practise.

East stretched his ample jurisdiction into the three parts of the globe which were subject to the Romans, from the cataracts of the Nile to the banks of the Phasis, and from the mountains of Thrace to the frontiers of Persia.