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yo-hah yo-han yo-pop yo-yos yoakum yoania yobbos yobiko yoboki yobuko yocale yockel yockey yocto- yoddha yodels yodfat yodled yodlee yodler yodude yoelle yoeman yogana yogasm yogesh yogini yogins yogism yogist yoglav yogurt yohkan yohkoh yohmor yohoho yohoia yoichi yoicks yoiked yoinks yojana yojans yojiro yokahu yokeag yokels yokest yoketh yokine yoking yoklet yokomo yokota yokoya yokuba yokuts yolato yolden yoldia yolina yolink yolked yollow yolngu yolpaq yolyos yomama yomari yomere yomiel yommer yomped yonaka yondan yonder yondo yoneda yonfan yongda yonghe yongin yongji yongju yonhap yonike yonker yonnie yonsei yonsky yonste yonthe yonval yonyou yoogan yoohoo yookai yookan yookos yoonew yooper yopaat yopons yopper yorath yordan yordim yorgan yorgas yorgho yorgia yorgos yorick yorico yoriki yorito yorked yorker yorkie yorkin yorlik yorlin yoroko yortan yorton yoruba yosano yosegi yosei yoseph yoshie yoshii yoshio yossef yosted yostos yosuga yosuke yotari yotoco yotta- yottaa you'll you'ns you're you'se you've you+me youall youand youare youbar youbeq youbet youcan youcat youcut youdao youdee youdig youdle youfit yought yougov yougth youing youjia youkai youkan youlan youlde youlie youmex youn-a younan younge youngs younha younme younow youpay youpon your's yourea yourtv yousaf yousee yousra youtab youtah youths youthy youtoo youuns youves youwin youxia yovesi yowcke yowdin yowele yoweri yowese yowght yowies yowith yowled yowler yowley yownge yowthe yowzah yowzer yoxall yoxoxe yoxter yoylle yoyoed yoyogi yoyoma yoyste yozgat yozuca

Word usage examples

Notable let go his hold and yowled the same cry while his quarry fell like a log.

The youths he trained in the exercise of arms, and near his own person: to the damsels he gave a liberal and Roman education, and by bestowing them in marriage on some of his principal officers, gradually introduced between the two nations the closest and most endearing connections.

It was stipulated by the same treaty, that three royal youths, the sons of emperors, should be called to the hopes of the succession.

The youths of a promising genius were instructed in the arts and sciences, and their price was ascertained by the degree of their skill and talents.

He reminded the assembly of the evils which Rome had endured from the vices of headstrong and capricious youths, congratulated them on the election of a virtuous and experienced senator, and, with a manly, though perhaps a selfish, freedom, exhorted Tacitus to remember the reasons of his elevation, and to seek a successor, not in his own family, but in the republic.

The servile and profligate youths whom Marcus had banished, soon regained their station and influence about the new emperor.

The former tyrants, Caligula and Nero, Commodus, and Caracalla, were all dissolute and inexperienced youths, educated in the purple, and corrupted by the pride of empire, the luxury of Rome, and the perfidious voice of flattery.

An iniquitous sentence had been pronounced against some opulent youths of that country, the execution of which would have stripped them of far the greater part of their patrimony.

To be ever surrounded by a band of select youths was the pride and strength of the chiefs, their ornament in peace, their defence in war.

These fortunate youths were strangers, however, to that conscious superiority, either of birth or of merit, which can alone render the possession of a throne easy, and as it were natural.