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Yonnie or Yonny may refer to:

  • Thomas Licavoli (1904-1973), American gangster and bootlegger during Prohibition, nicknamed "Yonnie"
  • Joseph Yonnie Starr (1905-1990), Canadian Hall-of-Fame Thoroughbred racehorse trainer
  • Yonny Hernández (born 1988), Colombian motorcycle racer
  • DJ Yonny (born 1983), American disc jockey born Jonathan Ávila

Usage examples of "yonnie".

She walked in closer to Yonnie and placed her hand in his, her eyes searching his.

Gabrielle shouted, her finger pointing at Yonnie as she sent a black electrical current toward him.

The Covenant and other Guardians had Yonnie surrounded, but not a soul had a weapon.

He waited until he could sense Yonnie smile even though his back was still toward him.

He peered around nervously as Yonnie and Tara loped off to stand in the distance.

She watched Yonnie lift the brass knocker on the heavy oak door that had tasteful panels of leaded, beveled glass, and announce his arrival by dropping it once, and then waiting for the door to eerily creak open on its own.

Carlos, Yonnie, and Rider up and down, and then turned up its nose at her and Tara and pranced away.

Rider said quickly, holding his gun on Yonnie and refusing to look at Tara.

Three were-demons went airborne, and Yonnie sucker-punched the one that came at his right, sending it sprawling down the tracks.

A half-wounded were-demon rushed Yonnie, and Carlos clapped, opening a shield that the beast moved through too quickly to avoid, leaving a pile of ash.

The stunned team watched Yonnie make a lunge forward as the drape closed.

This is why the ranks had to be tight, and God help them if Yonnie showed back up with Tara at his side.

He stroked the heads of his beasts and snapped his fingers twice, commanding the dogs to sit, and then extended his crest ring for Yonnie and Stack to kiss.

His line of vision settled on Yonnie, who looked him square in the eyes.

So he waited, gathering the patience to watch how Yonnie would function when there was bad news to deliver to the boss.