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Yocale is a Vancouver-based startup company that acts as an online service to connect local services with potential customers. The idea is propelled by the sharing economy trend, where local businesses set up their profile and calendar and local customers get matched based on need and open appointments and log on to book their appointments directly through the service.

Yocale was founded by Arash Asli and colleagues in 2013 after identifying the need for a more local take on the sharing economy. It was a tool to solve "appointmenting" and create environments where both customer and service provider could enjoy the process. As small to medium-sized businesses more and more began to look to technology to ease their day-to-day activities, Yocale served as a cost-effective and simple solution to many of their needs.

Since its inception, Yocale has expanded to offer many more services to businesses beyond just a booking software. It now also incorporates direct booking to the specific employee, client management software, automatic invoicing, marketing services, and easily generated business reports.

In 2016, they won best startup at TiEcon and continue to be one of the fastest growing online booking software in Canada.