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Yorkie may refer to:

  • Yorkshire Terrier, a dog breed
  • Yorkie (chocolate bar)
  • Yorkie, the lion mascot for York City F.C.
  • A name for someone from York or Yorkshire in general
  • nickname of George Shaw (footballer, born 1886) (1886-1971), Australian rules footballer
  • Yorkie (musician), English musician David Palmer (born 1965), s member of the Liverpool-based band Space from 1997 to 2005
  • PC Tony 'Yorkie' Smith, a character in the British TV drama series The Bill
  • Yorkie Mitchell, a character in The Punisher comic book series - see List of The Punisher characters
  • Yorkie (Yki), a protein kinase involved in the Hippo signaling pathway, a signaling pathway in cell regulation
Yorkie (musician)

David Palmer (7 April 1965), also known as Yorkie was born in Clitheroe, Lancashire. He is a British musician who was a member of the Liverpool-based band Space from 1997 to 2005.

Yorkie (chocolate bar)

Yorkie is a chocolate bar made by Nestlé. It was originally made by Rowntree's of York, England hence the name.

Usage examples of "yorkie".

I had an extra pouch on my belt that was full of aniseed twists and Yorkie bars, which I had stocked up on just for Endurance.

One of us would go to the cookhouse in a Range Rover and pick up some tea in Norwegians and the packed lunches-brown paper bags that contained a typical school lunch of soggy rolls, Yorkie bar, and crisps.

Waldo, a one-eyed golden retriever, and Bernice, a Yorkie, could always be counted on for a welcome-home party.

The obese Staffordshire bull terrier waddled in, closely followed by the Yorkie, who bared her teeth in an ingratiating smile at all present.

He was planning to bring up the subject when he showed Dungannon to his room, but after the Smarties and Yorkies tantrum, he lost his nerve.

Frank had never had any patience for the more exotic breeds, like Yorkies and shih-tzus.