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Yogesh is a Hindu name for male. It is formed from two words: Yoga- Ishvara (Ishvara means God). The name literally means "God of Yoga", or Destiny's God; who according to the Hindu mythology is Shiva.

Yogis practice yoga to become free from material bondage and to spiritualize the consciousness. Yogesh means the one who is perfect in Yoga. Also the name belongs to Lord Krishna.

The name may refer to:

Yogesh (actor)

Yogesh, also known as Yogi, is an Indian actor working predominantly in the Kannada film industry. He debuted in the film Duniya (2007) where he portrayed the character of "Loose Maada".

Yogesh (lyricist)

Yogesh Gaur (born 1943) is an Indian writer and lyricist. He wrote songs for Bollywood, and is best known for songs like, Kahin Door Jab Din Dal Jaaye and Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli in Anand'' (1971).