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n. members of various government branch offices during the Edo period


were members of the samurai class of feudal Japan. Yoriki literally means helper or 'assistant''.

Usage examples of "yoriki".

Servants streamed through the side entrances, bearing tea trays to and from the inner rooms where the yoriki had their private offices.

For the first time, he realized that being a yoriki offered many opportunities for seeking the truth, and just as many rewards for finding it.

Unlike himself, they were true yoriki who had inherited their positions from their fathers.

They'd probably never had a yoriki visitor before, Sano thought, let alone received such an unusual request from one.

As little as they welcomed his presence, the other yoriki still expected him at meals and in their rooms when they gathered at night to drink and talk.

Despite her bold declaration to the handsome yoriki, she wasn't all that sure that Yukiko hadn't committed suicide.

The secretary probably thought he was learning how a yoriki conducted business.

Magistrate Ogyu had already made it clear that he didn't want his yoriki doing doshin's work.

As a yoriki, I feel it's my duty to apprehend him before he harms anyone else.

I received him because I wanted to meet the yoriki who is officiating in the matter of Yukiko's death, but now I'm sorry I did.

These were yoriki, whose rare appearances in the streets always meant big trouble for someone.

As of this moment, you are relieved of your post as yoriki of the city of Edo, and all its attendant duties and privileges.

Lord Niu, not satisfied with seeing him relieved of his position as yoriki, intended to stop his investigation by framing him for O-hisa's murder.

Picturing himself vindicated, restored to his status as a yoriki, his father well again, Sano fought down a surge of premature joy.

Sano could tell that the handsome Yanagisawa wielded much of the shogun's authority, just as the other yoriki had implied during that long-ago breakfast in the barracks.