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Yojan \Yo"jan\, n. [Skr. y[=o]jana.] A measure of distance, varying from four to ten miles, but usually about five. [India] [Written also yojana.]


n. A Vedic unit of distance used in ancient India, believed to be approximately 6 to 15 kilometers (4 to 9 miles).


A Yojana (Sanskrit : योजन ) is a Vedic measure of distance that was used in ancient India. It is equivalent to about as per modern measures of distance, although the exact value is disputed among scholars (between ) and many Vedic scholars believe that 1 Yojana equals 9.09 miles ad per Vishnu Purana CH-6 Book-1

In modern Hindi the word yojanaa (Hindi : योजना) means "plan" or blueprint, and is etymologically connected with the Cartesian notion of distance in the word yojana. However, note that the words "yojana'" and "yojanaa" are different, and pronounced differently. The last sound of the second word is pronounced "aaa" as in arm [ārm].


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യോജനപ്രസിദ്ധീകരണ വിഭാഗം,ഭാരത സർക്കാർ

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Governmental: Government Of India

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Dr. Sadhana Rout, IIS

Yojana Malayalam is the premier and prestigious development journal published by the Publications Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. Presently Yojana is publishing in 12 Indian languages including Malayalam. The headquarters of Yojana is Directorate of Publications Division, New Delhi (3).The present communication address of Yojana headquarters is as follows:- Yojana, Publications Division, Soochna Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi -110 003. Phone No.011-2436 6670/2436 6671 (4)

Usage examples of "yojana".

He could see the threads of smoke rising from the hundreds of tandoors set up specially for the feast, a slender plume that would be visible for a dozen yojanas rising into the ocean blue sky.

The Easterners in the crowd, visitors from Bangla, Oriya, Andhra, and the other far-flung areas of the kingdom, looked around in stark terror, fearing one of the awful natural calamities that plagued that part of Indiaa typhoon perhaps, or a tidal waveeven though Ayodhya was hundreds of yojanas away from any ocean.

The Asura forces covered the road all the way to the edge of the Southwoods, a distance of a full yojana.

After going ten yojanas he found a vihara, named "The Wilderness,"--a place where Buddha had dwelt, and where there are monks now.