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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yoicks \Yo"icks\, interj. (Hunting) A cry of encouragement to foxhounds.


interj. A hunting cry used to urge hounds after a fox.

Usage examples of "yoicks".

Knights and squires, military and rural, threw up their allegiance right and left to devote themselves to this robust new vision, and in their peculiar manner, with a general View-halloo, and Yoicks, Tally-ho, and away we go, pelt ahead!

All these circumstances concurred to render their songs of the vanished deer and greenwood archery and Yoicks and Harkaway, extremely mal-a-propos, and to make his anger boil and bubble in the cauldron of his spirit, till its more than ordinary excitement burst forth with sudden impulse into active manifestation.