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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a software developer/engineer/designer
▪ her job as a software developer
an engineering/building/electronics etc firm
▪ Fred worked for an electronics firm.
chemical engineering
civil engineering
electrical engineer (=a person who designs and makes electrical equipment)
▪ an electrical engineer
genetic engineering
mechanical engineering
reverse engineering
social engineering
structural engineer
▪ This is based on calculations performed by chemical engineers and also on experimental trials carried out in a laboratory or pilot plant.
▪ My father a chemical engineer way out ahead of most of his peers.
▪ The subject material is predominantly allied to separation technologies on an industrial scale with the likely audience being chemical and process engineers.
▪ What do you do if you are a bored chemical engineer in Linden, New Jersey?
▪ We got out at Pendre and Graham and the chief engineer gave us very detailed guided tours showing the extent of operations.
▪ So Rudd was appointed team manager and chief engineer for the season.
▪ To reassure the public, Mulholland and his chief engineer rode out to the site on March 12 for an inspection.
▪ He wanted to be chief engineer of Aston Martin.
▪ Joseph King was head of the Midvale machine shop under Taylor, who by now was chief engineer in all but title.
▪ The Ariadne's chief engineer, Lieutenant McCafferty, rarely ventured near his own domain.
▪ On discovering the fretting, he informed the chief civil engineer who imposed a strict speed limit on the bridge.
▪ The Internal Revenue Service acknowledges that McGill, a retired civil engineer, never owed the government.
▪ Workshops and initiatives for the newly arrived civil engineers, tile-makers and labourers did not materialise.
▪ He was also a partner in the firm of Robertson &038; Mackintosh, civil engineers, with offices in London.
▪ Brad Joss, civil engineer, killed in a vehicle accident in Sonoma County on Jan. 4, 1994.
▪ Construction Plus is a series of community-focused web portals initially targeting architects, civil engineers and construction contractors.
▪ The some one was a respected civil engineer, Charles B.. Stuart, who had worked surveying both lines.
▪ Grove Projects will also act as consulting engineer.
▪ Grove Projects is the consulting engineer.
▪ John: In 1985, John had to give up his career as a consulting engineer because he was desperately ill.
▪ Similar provisions also exist for consulting engineers and building designers.
▪ Engineering evidence Introduction Engineers are the next most frequently used experts. Consulting engineers are expensive.
▪ At the end of 1851 he left Fox &038; Henderson to practise on his own account in London as a consulting engineer.
▪ I became 110 Women in Engineering an electrical engineer, by the way, because I was terrified of machines.
▪ Her husband was an electrical engineer who wanted only to be a poet.
▪ Powersafe has a UK-wide network of branches and its team of electrical engineers has undergone six months of specialist training.
▪ Simeon still insisted, against all plausibility, that he would graduate from City as an electrical engineer.
▪ He dresses and acts more like a 36-year-old electrical engineer.
▪ Gary was an electrical engineer for a defense contractor in the Washington area.
▪ Now he was thinking about becoming a mechanical or electrical engineer.
▪ For the genetic engineers, the grail of nitrogen-fixation remains unattainable.
▪ Recently, John Fagin, an internationally recognized molecular biologist and former genetic engineer from Fairfield, Iowa, made a stand.
▪ The electronics package will demand more space within the casing than the mechanical engineers can provide.
▪ Now he was thinking about becoming a mechanical or electrical engineer.
▪ I think the world will always need mechanical engineers.
▪ At a drop zone there she met Steve, a tall, outgoing mechanical engineer who built jet engines.
▪ Tien insists he wants to go back to teaching and research as a mechanical engineer.
▪ Newell felt that Lippincott, as the senior engineer most familiar with the project, should sit on the panel.
▪ He joined the company last year as senior design engineer.
▪ Burnham described FlashPort as a beefy, sophisticated and complex piece of software suitable for use by a senior engineer.
▪ Long-term planning took a back seat in the deliberations of the senior engineers whose efforts were principally devoted to overcoming short-term problems.
▪ Veronica, a civil and structural engineer, also has a technical day at work.
▪ Anyone with a wall problem should hire a qualified structural engineer to write a specification that will solve the problem.
▪ If they have, then a structural engineer must be asked to advise.
▪ For the structural engineer considering how to design a steel skeleton for the skyscraper, there were certain important implications.
▪ I face the same problems as a structural engineer.
▪ As a structural engineer, he draws conclusions about overly high chimneys, mortar quality, and roofing tiles.
▪ To overcome this templates were made and a structural engineer took constant vertical and horizontal measurements to plot the path of construction.
▪ A structural engineer or knowledgeable contractor can advise you on that.
▪ He qualified as an electronics engineer before going to teachers' training college after which he obtained a degree in art history.
▪ Alex, an electronics engineer, landed a job after two months with a fast-paced computer company on the Peninsula.
▪ Drinking in the Bull and Bush, are 25-year-old Edward Galley, an electronics engineer, and a couple of friends.
▪ His first ambition was to be a pilot or flight engineer.
▪ During the first two years 184 pilots, 43 instructors and 47 flight engineers completed their training.
▪ Long after he left to become a flight engineer it continued to light them through the war and for many years after.
▪ I handed it to a former flight engineer of 213 when I visited him in Toronto some years ago.
▪ In the far more complex factory environment the skilled maintenance engineer is likely to have a role for some considerable time yet.
▪ Sometimes the maintenance engineer is dealing with a type of failure he has never had before.
▪ Consider for example the maintenance engineer operating as a diagnostician.
▪ Pilots and other flight crew immediately come to mind; so too do maintenance engineers and air traffic controllers.
▪ An experienced maintenance engineer approaches a problem as follows: 1.
▪ I can also listen to a conversation between mining engineers and understand ninety-five percent of it, even after all these years.
▪ He had been a mining engineer and away for months at a time.
▪ A distinguished and internationally-known writer and thinker, Serfaty was a mining engineer by profession.
▪ Elliot was one of a new type of mining engineer whose expertise extended to many parts of the industry.
▪ Hatch resigned his appointment in 1892 and went to work as a mining engineer in Johannesburg.
▪ My husband used to be a mining engineer, but we got tired of living abroad, so we bought this place.
▪ In addition, there was one passenger on board, a ground service engineer who was to supervise ground handling at transit stops.
▪ Computer service engineer - installing and maintaining computer systems and carrying out repairs when breakdowns occur.
▪ He started his career as a distribution engineer, before becoming a service engineer.
▪ Systems development was concentrated in the newly released Field Base package for service engineer operators.
▪ The Profitboss identifies Marilyn McGregor as the top-ranking customer service engineer, highlighting the stream of compliments she gets from the field.
▪ Certainly not software engineers or aerobics instructors.
▪ And Rob, the twice-fired software engineer?
▪ Set up in 1999 by John Breen, a software engineer in Indiana, the site aims to reduce world hunger.
▪ The typical software engineer at Tandem is making $ 65, 000 to $ 80, 000 a year.
▪ At that time I was considered one of the best software engineers of my generation.
▪ Jerome Coonen, one of the software engineers, spoke for the entire team.
▪ Wolf meanwhile dreamed of becoming a designer of Soviet planes and trained as an engineer.
▪ An answering service or beeper number is no substitute for a trained network engineer.
▪ Jilly Curry uses her bilingual secretarial skills in London and Simon Baynes combines freelance photography with working as a telephone engineer.
▪ He worked as an engineer with a construction company and lived quietly with girlfriend Lorna Burns in Eltham, south London.
▪ Her 20-year-old son, Michael, who worked as an engineer, also lived in the house.
▪ He was working as an engineer for Boston Edison, still patiently waiting for Amelia to settle down and marry him.
▪ Her previous construction industry experience includes working as a site engineer, sub-agent and regional quality manager.
▪ Gary, 26, left school with just four CSEs and began working as an engineer.
chartered accountant/surveyor/engineer etc
▪ B and W were the two main equity partners in the firm of chartered accountants, C Connelly & Co.
▪ For any chartered accountant interested in the package, Aldercare is offering the package free of charge for a 30-day trial.
▪ He is a chartered engineer and a Member of Metallurgists.
▪ Last year 1,050 people lost the right to call themselves chartered accountants because they didn't stump up by 30 June.
▪ Working in a manufacturing company, or as a solicitor or chartered accountant gives invaluable experience.
▪ Young Man: Mrs Grant, my Dad's a chartered accountant.
▪ a civil engineer
▪ a flight engineer
▪ a software engineer
▪ Among our sample were six engineers who, with differing motives, had been mature entrants to the profession.
▪ As a recording engineer for the Beach Boys and other bands, Stephen Desper experimented with all sorts of sound technology.
▪ He says the engineers were unable to explain why the cars were so slow.
▪ Hewlett-Packard asks customers to make presentations describing their needs to its engineers.
▪ I became 110 Women in Engineering an electrical engineer, by the way, because I was terrified of machines.
▪ Mercedes-Benz's proud engineers also loathe being lumped in with companies making everything from washing machines to weapons.
▪ They made a point of recruiting fledgling Latino engineers into the organization.
▪ Without the models, the engineers had difficulty communicating at all.
▪ Once released, genetically engineered organisms become part of our ecosystem.
▪ Personally I want genetically engineered foods and anything containing genetically engineered food ingredients banned.
▪ U.S. farmers sold the world about $ 50 billion in farm goods last year, much of it genetically engineered.
▪ Personally I want genetically engineered foods and anything containing genetically engineered food ingredients banned.
▪ Anti-#genetically engineered cotton action at Marks and Spencer-we think!
▪ If insects learned to adapt to genetically engineered plants, the result could be widespread crop failure and famine, critics warn.
▪ As we march off boldly into a genetically engineered future, the moral and ethical issues will get more and more pressing.
▪ The component had been genetically engineered to produce a vaccine highly effective against all strains.
▪ The departure of Mark, now a professor of engineering at the University of Texas, also had a more direct effect.
▪ Furniture retailer Conroys is trying to engineer a compromise.
▪ Some of us can remember Taber trying to engineer a carnival a few years back, and what happened to it.
▪ She was trying to engineer her escape from the classics lecturer when Jamie made his way over.
▪ They try too hard to engineer a safe environment for their child and, in so doing, interfere substantially-with serious consequences.
▪ Before they could engineer an escape, they had to be sure that none of the guards were suspicious.
▪ Sakakida engineered the escape of nearly 500 prisoners of war.
▪ The socialist party secretly engineered the defeat of the government.
▪ This computer has been specially engineered to run the latest operating systems.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Engineer \En`gi*neer"\, n. [OE. enginer: cf. OF. engignier, F. ing['e]nieur. See Engine, n.]

  1. A person skilled in the principles and practice of any branch of engineering; as, a civil engineer; an electronic engineer; a chemical engineer. See under Engineering, n.

  2. One who manages as engine, particularly a steam engine; an engine driver.

  3. One who carries through an enterprise by skillful or artful contrivance; an efficient manager. [Colloq.]

    Civil engineer, a person skilled in the science of civil engineering.

    Military engineer, one who executes engineering works of a military nature. See under Engineering.


Engineer \En`gi*neer"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Engineered; p. pr. & vb. n. Engineering.]

  1. To lay out or construct, as an engineer; to perform the work of an engineer on; as, to engineer a road.
    --J. Hamilton.

  2. To use contrivance and effort for; to guide the course of; to manage; as, to engineer a bill through Congress.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., enginour, "constructor of military engines," from Old French engigneor "engineer, architect, maker of war-engines; schemer" (12c.), from Late Latin ingeniare (see engine); general sense of "inventor, designer" is recorded from early 15c.; civil sense, in reference to public works, is recorded from c.1600 but not the common meaning of the word until 19c (hence lingering distinction as civil engineer). Meaning "locomotive driver" is first attested 1832, American English. A "maker of engines" in ancient Greece was a mekhanopoios.


1818, "act as an engineer," from engineer (n.). Figurative sense of "arrange, contrive, guide or manage (via ingenuity or tact)" is attested from 1864, originally in a political context. Related: Engineered. Middle English had a verb engine "contrive, construct" (late 14c.), also "seduce, trick, deceive" (c.1300) and "put to torture."


n. 1 A person who is qualified or professionally engaged in any branch of engineering. 2 (label en chiefly American) A person who operates an engine (such as a locomotive). vb. 1 (context transitive English) To design, construct or manage something as an engineer. 2 (context transitive English) To alter or construct something by means of genetic engineering. 3 (context transitive English) To plan or achieve some goal by contrivance or guile; to wangle or finagle.

  1. n. a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems [syn: applied scientist, technologist]

  2. the operator of a railway locomotive [syn: locomotive engineer, railroad engineer, engine driver]

  1. v. design as an engineer; "He engineered the water supply project"

  2. plan and direct (a complex undertaking); "he masterminded the robbery" [syn: mastermind, direct, organize, organise, orchestrate]


Engineers design materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. The word engineer is derived from the Latin words ingeniare ("to contrive, devise") and ingenium ("cleverness").

The work of engineers forms the link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human needs and quality of life.

Engineer (comics)

The Engineer is the name of two fictional characters in the . The current Engineer, Angela Spica, a member of Stormwatch, first appears in The Authority #1 and was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch.

Engineer (technical fest)

Engineer is the Annual Technical Symposium of NITK Surathkal and is one of the largest of its kind in India. Started in 2005 as an amalgamation of many technical fests held in NITK Surathkal by its various student clubs, Engineer has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. It is held over 4 days in the second half of the month of October and has consistently attracted participants from all over India. A Penrose Triangle is used as its logo with the tagline 'Think.Create.Engineer'.

In its previous editions, Engineer brought organizations such as CERN, MIT Media and Bell labs while catering to a participation pool of over 6000 students from 150 colleges across 65 countries.

Many technical and entrepreneurship events are held during the fest, including quizzes, Coding marathons, RC car racing and the like. These are broadly classified into various Branch Events. Apart from this, Workshops in a variety of fields are also held. To highlight the social responsibility of Engineers, social/environmental awareness initiatives are undertaken under the banner of SCE (Socially Conscious Engineering). Technites is another major attraction, showcasing the beauty of technology after dark.

Guest speakers of past editions have included Richard Stallman, Sam Pitroda, Anthony James Leggett, Ankit Fadia and others.

Engineer (film)

Engineer is a shelved Tamil language film directed by Gandhi Krishna and written by Sujatha originally slated to be released in 1999. The film was based on the true story of the Sardar Sarovar Dam project and was being made in Tamil with planned versions in Telugu and Hindi too. The film had featured Arvind Swamy and Madhuri Dixit in the leading roles, with music composed by A.R. Rahman and cinematography by Jeeva.

However, the film was shelved after 80 percent of shooting was completed. Despite reports in 2004 with a new look with a different cast and producer, this has proved to be untrue.

Engineer (Afghan honorific)

Engineer is an honorific used in Afghanistan, which is commonly translated into English, rather than being transliterated, like " Mullah" or " Maulvi".

Engineer (horse)

Engineer (foaled c.1756) was a brown English Thoroughbred stallion bred by William Fenton of Glass House, near Leeds, Yorkshire. His outstanding son was Mambrino, although he sired some good race horses, such as King's Plate winner Fireworker, and Black Tom, a number of his daughters gained distinction as broodmares.

Engineer (disambiguation)

An engineer is a professional practitioner in various disciplines of engineering.

Engineer may also refer to:

An operator of equipment:

  • Railroad engineer, an operator of a locomotive
  • Flight engineer, an operator of aircraft systems
  • Stationary engineer, an operator of boilers, turbines and generators
  • Audio engineer or sound mixer, an operator of recording, broadcasting and mixing consoles
  • Marine engineer, an operator of propulsion systems in the engine department of a ship
  • A firefighter whose assignment is to drive the fire apparatus
  • An ingénieur creates the equipment used by a stage magician

Military titles and ranks:

  • Sapper, pioneer, or combat engineer, a soldier who performs building, digging, repairing and similar work
  • Engineer Officer, a title for several types of officers in the British military
  • Chief engineer, a licensed mariner in charge of the engineering department on a vessel

A title used in certain trade certification programs:

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Certified Novell Engineer
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer

A surname in India, commonly but not exclusively Parsi:

  • Aryana Engineer (born 2001), Canadian child actress
  • Asghar Ali Engineer (born 1939), Indian Islamic scholar and leader of the Progressive Dawoodi Bohra
  • Aspy Engineer (1912–2002), Indian air marshal and ambassador to Iran
  • Farokh Engineer (born 1938), Indian cricketer
  • Sachet Engineer, Indian actor and champion swimmer

Other meanings:

  • Engineer (Afghan honorific), an honorific used in Afghanistan, commonly translated into English rather than transliterated
  • Engineer (Technical Fest), a technical symposium of the National Institute of Technology Karnataka NITK
  • Engineer (comics), the title of two Wildstorm comics characters
  • Engineers (band), a British rock band
  • Engineers (Engineers album), 2005
  • Engineers (Gary Numan album), 1980
  • Engineer (film), a Tamil language film originally slated to be released in 1999
  • Engineer (horse), a brown English Thoroughbred stallion
  • A student or alumni of Brooklyn Technical High School
  • An alumnus of one of the French " Grandes Écoles"
  • The Engineer, playable class in the Team Fortress 2 video game series
  • Engineers, a race of aliens, forerunners of humanity, from the 2012 film Prometheus
  • MIT Engineers the name of MIT sports teams.

Usage examples of "engineer".

Eads, the engineer, determined to establish the piers and abutments on rock at a depth for the east pier and east abutment of 136 ft.

An experienced social engineer is able to gain access to virtually any targeted information by using the strategies and tactics of his craft.

By limiting the accessibility of the names and telephone numbers of employees, a company makes it more difficult for the social engineer to identify targets in the company, or names of legitimate employees for use in deceiving other personnel.

In the kind of universe Herbert sees, where there are no final answers, and no absolute security, adaptability in all its forms-- from engineering improvisation to social mobility to genetic variability--is essential.

Questions were raised as to the adequacy of safety precautions taken by the City, but after expert testimony by City engineer Gordon Perkins these were dismissed.

British engineering magazine to describe a kind of aerofoil used in experiments.

A large number of skilled engineers had already been brought from the fleet and were busily at work adapting the exterior industrial apparatus of the place to the purposes of an aeronautic park.

It was a sworn affidavit by Hermann Graebe, the manager and engineer of a branch office in the Ukraine of a German construction firm.

Murphy walked aft to look into the maneuvering room to see how the Engineering Officer of the Watch was handling the frantic actions required during a reactor scram.

Murphy ordered the engineer from aft, and in a few moments Jackson Vaughn appeared, hair soaked with sweat, coveralls stained with dirt, a Beretta 9-mm automatic stuffed into his belt.

It was strange, that the entire ship was divided between these two officers, Alameda running the aft half with the engineering spaces, Crossfield responsible for the operation of the tactical half, the forward spaces with the torpedoes and electronic control and sensor areas.

Facing him on the outboard side next to Schultz was Chief Engineer Alameda and Damage Control Assistant Duke Phelps.

How embarrassing would that be, he thought in panic, if Alameda had heard him moaning her name while he was in the lower rack mere inches from her fold-down desk while she pulled an allnighter on her engineering paperwork?

As Alameda hurried out of the control room Pacino caught her eye, but the look on her face still belonged to the chief engineer.

So it was that Asquith purged his body of all nanotechnology, reversed some minor gene engineering, and arrived on Ambergris just in time for some of the excitement he thought he was seeking.