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sound engineer

n. One who practices sound engineering.

Usage examples of "sound engineer".

On the other side was a blank oscilloscope and what looked like a sound engineer's acoustical mixer, complete with headset.

He flopped down into his seat, between Robbie and the sound engineer.

His brother, Mark, a sound engineer at an Oakland concert venue, had told Jamie that if he could escape from St.

The sound engineer turned on his heel, jarring my elbow with his boom microphone.

The sound engineer ignored her while twiddling various knobs on his desk in a random way, the other three on the couch rose as Zoe entered.

From there, you fly to Rome as Joe Hennessey and Pat Brewster- a news reporter and sound engineer both with CBS, traveling together for a planned broadcast from the Vatican reviewing the first year of the new papacy.

Kristoph is a career musician and sound engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, with eleven years experience recording and performing Celtic, Medieval and Renaissance music.

I mentioned that he was a sound engineer, and his room was fitted up with Hi-Fi set, tape recorder, and the usual electronic tools of his trade, some of which the B.

The sound engineer was hanging out of the window by his fingertips, and a maddened guitarist was beating on his fingers with a burning guitar.