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fictional character

n. an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story); "she is the main character in the novel" [syn: fictitious character, character]

Usage examples of "fictional character".

He was a fictional character among the other fictional characters.

I, the narrator of the story you imagine you are reading (as opposed to Abe Snow, the narrator of the first-person story whose composition and publication my story is about), first thought of having a fictional character write the ideal contemporary novel while I was browsing through the lingerie department of the San Francisco Union Square Macy's, thinking about literature while testing how well I could see my hand through a silk teddy.

That makes me a fictional character, too, but that doesn't trouble me as I can't read a novel with me in it, any more than you could read the one I read about you.

He was an inspired creation of Madison Avenue--a fictional character with whom millions could subconsciously identify.

From that point of view, the transference of actual self to fictional character was working perfectly, and Tim was awed by the ease with which she became, as they called it, the character.

Consider a fictional character or location created by an individual mind.

The thought that grieving for a fictional character was absurd did more than cross his mind during his tossings and turnings.

He was evil and could take the life of a human being as easily as he'd lift a fictional character's digital heart from his body in a MUD game.

The passing of no other fictional character had been so acknowledged in America’.